it’s a triple x freakshow

my favourite rock & roll boys the rohypsters have just uploaded a lovely new set of demos and, after the retro hellfest that was ‘i owe you nothing’, i really wanted to profile them here. despite still not being ‘studio recordings’ i think these tracks really give a good feel for the band and how great they are live. i’ve posted two tracks here to listen to but you can here all nine on their website and download (for, as they say on the tellybox, a limited time only) four of them from myspace.

first up is ‘creature feature’
this is my favourite of their songs and contains more innuendo than i would have previously thought it was possible to cram into one song.


second is ‘strip’ (you can also see a video of this song live on youtube)
after the slowy this is a bit more in yer face.

ooh ah ah.


(as an aside, you might be interested to know that the image on this post is from the original broadway production of grease and features – believe it or not – a surprisingly cool looking barry bostwick as danny zuko!)

0 thoughts on “it’s a triple x freakshow

  1. awrite!!

    well impressed you are more up to date with the rohypsters than the rohypsters are!

    i’ve spent the past day trying to import last nights vids, having a real tough time with them, so i expect they eont be up untill the weekend, had every intention of doing an all encompassing multimedia entry, of photos (by rockstar vanity) vids, songs and new dates al in one go, but a slow day so far, so thanks for filling in some blanks for me!

    i have to agree with you though, we do kick ass eh?

    creature feature, for all the novelty of its humble beginnings is slowly turning into our obbsession right now.
    definately my gig highlight at the moment, however we have a tendancy to say that everytime we put a new one out.

    next gig is 13th january, i wonder what kind of beast our debut song will be that night?

    thanks for posting that, we are very glad you like it.

    hope to rock you with more very soon.

    kissy kissy

  2. Love the music. I had a great idea! My husband and I have this huge old empty house because all our kids are gone so why don’t the rohypsters make their American debut and stay free at our house? Just think about it. Okay, our town may be smaller than Edinbrough (sorry if I spelled that wrong, no disrespect intended)but there’s ALOT of music here.

  3. Okay, I’m going to break through the “fourth wall” (it’s a theatre allusion referring to the invisible wall between the actors and the audience) created by the anonymity of blogging and tell you that we live in Richland,Washington (about 4 hours drive from Seattle or a one hour plane ride from Seattle)so if you ever decide to HIT Seattle let me know!!!

  4. wow!

    thanks a lot! how kind…..

    inviting vampires into your own home!

    just so long as you understand that we have no table manners, we molest furniture and drunkenly chase chickens untill dawn.

    mt if we ever hit seatle we will hit you too, and anybody else that wants hit come to think of it.

    on a side note……(i hate it when i side note on marilyn’s shampoo…..sorry!)

    i notice that when american people refer to where they live they say “our city” or “our town”, made me feel like a bastard when i realised that british folk say “my town” or “the town” it really must all come down to the miserable weather over here or somthing.

    i stood in a taxi queue at 3am in “my town” the other night after playing a show,it was icy cold, in fact out and out disgustingly painfull weather, i wondered if we were eskimos we could have all huddled together, and kept warm, but how on earth would that happen in a city full of folk that refer to it individually as “my town”.

    glad not to be playing for a while just now over xmas etc, as the cold makes me too practicle in my outfits, and i hate being practicle, dont want to turn the show into a striptease…….though.. it is an idea!

    darn it! thats me talking utter crap on your blog again (must stop reading marilyns shampoo when i cant sleep)

    anyway thanks a lot marilyn and melancholy, i hope it wont be too long before the band have the luxury of playing outside of the uk…

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