beat, boogie, bass

my parents are in the process of dejunking their attic and every time i see them i get a box of goodies to go through and keep/trash/charity shop at my own discression. we’ve allready done toys age birth-primary school which was pretty good fun (i kept a couple of much loved fisher price delights including the all time classic fisher price record player) but now we are on to books…
i got two boxes from my dad this weekend…

first box: nothing special – some agatha christie, a jackanory story book and so on.

second box: ohmygoodgod!!!!!!

the first thing i see is my 1989 bros annual, entertainingly defaced by my schoolfriend who hated them on account of being a wet wet wet fan. the annual is a real treasure trove. my favourite absurdity being the page of ‘bros nosh’ – er, yes, recipies like ‘matt’s london pie’….!
if you aren’t aware of the car-crash pop horror that was bros have a look at this video for all you need to know.
oh, how i loved them, oh, how matt made my pre-pubescent heart flutter… honestly, i blame my life-long fixation with effete english girly-boys on him.

once i had picked myself up from rolling around the floor giggling hysterically at the combination of old pictures of matt goss and 9 year old graffiti like ‘craig is a miniman’ i ventured into the rest of the box…

jackie annuals, mandy annuals, it goes on and on….

i may be gone some time πŸ™‚



0 thoughts on “beat, boogie, bass

  1. i know!!!!!

    i feel now is the right moment to quote my faourite/the worst ever bros lyric:

    Well you’ve read Karl Marx
    And you’ve taught yourself to dance

    i love that it’s supposed to be a ryhming couplet – as though if he sings ‘daahnse’ like chris de burgh it will somehow miraculously ryhme with ‘marx’

    πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

  2. There’s plennnnnnnnty more where that came from. There are things lurking in my attic that would give Freddy Kruger the heebie geebies. Are you brave enough to go there?

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