harry potter and the rather ominous book 7 title !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the door opened on jo’s site today and (after a bit of footering around and a game of hangman -!- ) she gave us all a rather exciting little xmas present…. the title of book 7!!!! wooooo hooooo!!!!

also there’s a nice little extra for your scrapbook if you ‘water’ the plant…

deathly hallows hmm? pretty dark and creepy sounding. i will of course be devouring the many discussion threads online as to what this may mean over the next few days. all i can say for now is that i don’t think that potter lad’s in for too fun again next year…


I loved all the Aaron Spelling shows. At that time, I had pet rats I was raising and I always named all the baby rats after the characters in the shows.�

thanks to a wonderful youtuber named thepeachpit i’ve just spent this evening having a bit of a 90210 fest, particularly enjoying the season one episode perfect mom where andrea zuckerman finally takes off her


but, asides from the general joy and pleasure of reveling in early nineties teen crap, one thing struck me like a brick within five minutes of the episode – the girls looked so different then. no, i don’t mean the hair, the clothes or even the frankly dubious hats – i just mean their basic physiques. take kelly taylor played by jennie garth , high school teen dream and described by david silver as having “a body to die for” – by todays teen tv standards she just looks so … healthy. and shannon docherty, compared to anyone on the oc looks positively chubby. it’s scary to think that within ten years even a show as vacouse and image-conscious as beverly hills 90210 could look like some kind of positive role model.

left to right:

luke perry and jennie garth as dylan mckay and kelly taylor

jennie garth, shannon dochery as brenda walsh, and tori spelling as donna martin

the first season cast

tori spelling, shannon docherty, jennie garth and gabrielle carteris as andrea zuckerman

it’s a triple x freakshow

my favourite rock & roll boys the rohypsters have just uploaded a lovely new set of demos and, after the retro hellfest that was ‘i owe you nothing’, i really wanted to profile them here. despite still not being ‘studio recordings’ i think these tracks really give a good feel for the band and how great they are live. i’ve posted two tracks here to listen to but you can here all nine on their website and download (for, as they say on the tellybox, a limited time only) four of them from myspace.

first up is ‘creature feature’
this is my favourite of their songs and contains more innuendo than i would have previously thought it was possible to cram into one song.


second is ‘strip’ (you can also see a video of this song live on youtube)
after the slowy this is a bit more in yer face.

ooh ah ah.


(as an aside, you might be interested to know that the image on this post is from the original broadway production of grease and features – believe it or not – a surprisingly cool looking barry bostwick as danny zuko!)

beat, boogie, bass

my parents are in the process of dejunking their attic and every time i see them i get a box of goodies to go through and keep/trash/charity shop at my own discression. we’ve allready done toys age birth-primary school which was pretty good fun (i kept a couple of much loved fisher price delights including the all time classic fisher price record player) but now we are on to books…
i got two boxes from my dad this weekend…

first box: nothing special – some agatha christie, a jackanory story book and so on.

second box: ohmygoodgod!!!!!!

the first thing i see is my 1989 bros annual, entertainingly defaced by my schoolfriend who hated them on account of being a wet wet wet fan. the annual is a real treasure trove. my favourite absurdity being the page of ‘bros nosh’ – er, yes, recipies like ‘matt’s london pie’….!
if you aren’t aware of the car-crash pop horror that was bros have a look at this video for all you need to know.
oh, how i loved them, oh, how matt made my pre-pubescent heart flutter… honestly, i blame my life-long fixation with effete english girly-boys on him.

once i had picked myself up from rolling around the floor giggling hysterically at the combination of old pictures of matt goss and 9 year old graffiti like ‘craig is a miniman’ i ventured into the rest of the box…

jackie annuals, mandy annuals, it goes on and on….

i may be gone some time 🙂


radio ga-ga (updated)

just a quick post to let anyone near the radio know that courtney will be on bbc 6music throughout the day today – including a big interview with steve lamaq at 4pm.
you can listen online here
i’ll try and post a transcript later.


so this was courtney’s schedule for the day:

Phill Jupitus Breakfast Show (0700-1000)
The Beatles – Cry baby cry
Nirvana – Been A Son – Evening Session, September 1991
Robots in Disguise – Hot gossip
Joy Division – Love will tear us apart -� Peel Session�1979l
REM – The Reckoning – 7 Chinese Brothers :: ALBUM OF THE DAY

Gideon Coe (1000-1300)
U2 – I will follow -�BBC Session 1980
Peter and Gordon – World without love
The Germs – Forming
Rolling Stones – The last time – BBC Session 1965
REM The Reckoning – So Central Rain – ALBUM OF THE DAY

Nemone (1300-1600)
The Runaways – Hollywood Cruisin’
Psychedelic Furs – Imitation of Christ – John Peel Session 1979
Kinks – Waterloo sunset – Peel Session,Top Gear�1968
REM – The Reckoning – Pretty Persuasion :: ALBUM OF THE DAY
Libertines – Up the bracket – Evening Session 2002

Steve Lamacq�(1600-1900)
New Order – Temptation – Saturday Live Session 1984
The Bangles – Going down to Liverpool
Nirvana – Something in the way – Evening Session, November 1991
REM The Reckoning – Don�t go back to Rockville

Tom Robinson’s Evening Sequence (1900-2130)
Hole – Drown Soda – John Peel Session, November 1991
Beatles and Siouxsie and Banshees – Dear Prudence

6 Music� Plays It Again (2130-2200)
Documentary: Liverpool – The New Wave (part 1 presented by Janice Long)

Dream Ticket (2200-0100)
Teardrop Explodes – And the fighting takes over – BBC Session, August 1981
Big Star – September gurls
Support act: Elastica – 1995 Glastonbury – Line up, Car song, Stutter, SoFT, Connection
Headline Act: PJ Harvey – 1995 – Meet Ze Monsta, C’Mon Billy, Long Snake Moan. 50 Ft Queenie, Water

interesting i never really had her figured as an elastica fan – but there you go!

the interview with steve lamaq was really very good. you can listen to it here, but i’m going to try and rip it tomorrow and i’ll post it here.

i also entered a competition to win a christmas card from clove – keep all your extremities crossed for me!

Three measures of Gordon’s; one of vodka; half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it over ice, and add a thin slice of lemon peel


well, i finaly got round to seeing casino royale and i really wanted to post about it. i’m not going to bore you with how much i love the movie (a lot) or how hot i think daniel craig is (ditto), what i want to offer my public adoration for is the astonishing opening credits. seriously i would have paid just to see them.
if you haven’t seen the film, the credits are – like the movie itself – a bit of a departure. they still have a very ‘bond’ feel but are an intricate, colourful rotascoped affair that had me gripping the edge of my seat with awe and jelousy.

daniel klienman
, the director of the title sequence says he took his inspiration from

…the cover of a “Casino Royale” first edition, published in 1953, featured Ian Fleming’s design of a playing card bordered by eight red hearts dripping blood.


“The hearts not only represent cards but the tribulations of Bond’s love story,” So I took that as inspiration to use playing card graphics in different ways in the titles,” like a club representing a puff of gun smoke, and slashed arteries spurting thousands of tiny hearts.

you can see the sequence on youtube but the quality is quite low and really doesn’t do justice to the finer details in it.

of related interest, i’ve also recently been listening to spycast… yes, a podcast for spies!! it’s very interesting if just a litlle bit less exciting than bond.
oh, and i can’t resist posting the old casino royale poster art because it’s super-kitch-fab


Don’t hold your breath but the pretty things are going to hell

i just finished reading the ‘young adult’ novel ‘pretties’ by scott westerfeld:

“But you’re….”
“Pretty? Think again” She smiled. “I’m Tally Youngblood. My mind is very ugly. And i’m taking your car”

‘pretties’ is actually the second part of a trilogy of books starting with uglies which i’m embarassed to say i hadn’t actualy read before i started ‘pretties’. i was aware that it was a sequel but i was given it by a friend and decided to have a bash at it anyway. i’m sure that there are several things i missed due to this however the fact that the central character, tally, is amesiac herself at the start of the book allowed me to discover a lot of the backstory along with her. that said, whilst it didn’t hamper my enjoyment i’m sure it would be advisable to read them sequentialy.
without giving too much away (it’s that kind of a book) ‘pretties’ deals with a sort of dystopian future where everyone is made ‘pretty’ at the age of sixteen. this involves some rather incredibly plastic surgery as well as increased improvements in health and lifespan. however, it soon becomes apparant that ‘prettieness’ is more than just skin deep…

i really loved the way this book was written. it is funny, emotionaly engaging and a real page turner. the ‘pretty’ characters talk in a kind of invented valley girl speak (‘that is so pretty-making’, feeling ‘totally bubbly’ etc..) which as the book progresses becomes more and more a deliberate and subverted ‘language’. because the novel has a deceptively light feel to it i thought that it could probably be equally enjoyed by the gossip girl types as well as those who allready prefer more chilling thrillers.
there is a lot of amazing visual imagery in the book (tatoos that spin in accordance with your heart rate, gem stone eye decals, hot air balloons, wardrobes that talk) and it paints a very vivd mental picture for you. because of this i also couldn’t help thinking it has the potential to make a wonderful film or tv series.
dealing predominantly with issues of conformity, social pressure, self, friendship and romance ‘pretties’ retains an overall fun feeling whilst having some unexpectadly dark pockets.
i will definately be reading the third book ‘specials’ very shortly and will then, i guess, double back and read ‘uglies’.
highly reccomended.


i have now read all three and they were all just as good, specials being *perhaps* my favorite. great series.

I have a perfect cure for a sore throat: cut it

so, i’m in bed ill with a stinking cold today and i decided to google for some interesting cold-related facts – maybe a treatment i hadn’t thought of, a nice throat-soothing drinks recipe or some such. instead i found ‘giant plush microbes’!!!

as well as the cold you can also get aids, gonorrhea and black death amongst others…
you can buy the cute little suckers for $5.99 from think geek