Swish and click

well, after the extreme geekery of the last fortnight i thought i would round things off nicely with a post containg both gaming and harry potter!
i am not a gamer, i own no games consoles, excluding a very ancient original gameboy for which i only own one game (mario & yoshi if you care) but i have recently found myself more and more tempted by the idea of the wii – it does seem, to paraphrase this post, like a ton of fun.

and then today i heard that ea are planning a harry potter wii game for order of the phoenix.
to tie in with the release of the film.
let me just spell this out for you all.

harry potter.




i can’t possibly justify getting a wii for one game? but the pull is so strong… it’s the closest to magic a squib like me could ever come…

oh, and if you too are worried about the satanic content of harry potter (and life in general) you really should check out chick publications


0 thoughts on “Swish and click

  1. I used to work in a bookstore and I got my ears chewed out by alot of customers who had an opinion about Harry Potter being “of the devil” etc. What a load of crap.

  2. I so want a wii! I was almost drooling watching the promo video on YouTube. I hope your cold goes away soon. I’ve got one too and it won’t go away. I keep attacking it with painkillers and decongestants, but I think it’s here to stay for a while. At least we’ll get to infect a lot of people on Saturday night 😉

  3. mt: i can’t say i’ve heard a lot of it in ‘real life’ but the internet (and america :X ) does seem to be awash with it…
    tanya: mmm. a wii….
    i’m trying to pretend i don’t have a cold in the hope it will go away. it hasn’t yet though :no:

  4. the chick website is amazing, i am a sucker for that stuff, my fave bit was he quotes from REAL CHILDREN (no less) about what they thought of the harry potter film, sick little bastards.

    i really do think that the kids are getting out of hand and are all indanger of being brainwashed and burned in hell, its about time we all woke up and started looking at what is happening to us under our noses…

    put those thoughts of nintendo wii’s out of your mind, playing with the one thing you report to be as close to magic is just as bad as magic itself, i even worry if its too late for you… and tanya… may god have mercy on your lost lost soul, wanting to infect as many people as possible with your cold, that basically is casting a curse on everyone.
    cleans yourselves of this evil
    m.t. harry potter isn’t a lot of crap, its one of the devil’s most succesful tools, there are parents reading it to their kids at night, its worked its way into the curriculum, christmas is no longer about the birth of christ, its about chocolate frogs on the hogwarts express.

    and that wee draco malfoy is well too sexy for a boy. especially in the first film.

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