Who’s a bad blogger? hmmm?

apologies for the distinct lack of content recently – i’ve got a lot of stuff that i’m dying to write about, but i’ve been up to my teary little eyeballs in it with ‘the move’

expect prolific posting once it’s all done!!


0 thoughts on “Who’s a bad blogger? hmmm?

  1. This is a reply to the comment you left me about visiting York. No I haven’t gotten to York but I want to. In 2003 when our family invaded Hull, England for our daughter’s wedding 6 members of the party got to go to York whilst my hubbie and I were obligated to “Tea (an all day affair) with the new in-laws”. So, I heard about lovely York from the people that went there and I always meant to someday go. There are soooo many villages, landmarks, beautiful countrysides, PUBS, etc. to visit in the UK and I want to DO THEM ALL. This past holiday that I just returned from went by sooo fast and we did get to see and do alot but I still left there with a longing to SEE MORE. Also, I really want to visit Scotland and way up north.

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