Moving, so moving

well, the time of reckoning is upon us…
i’m finally propagating my domains to the vps, in the process of which i am updating my portfolio site and giving marilyn’s shampoo a nice shiny new domain name of it’s own. i’ll be running my blog concurrently on for a few more days until everything is peachy over at the new url but i’m pretty nervous about shifting over the rohypsters blog as it’s got to go in one go. the other domains that will be affected by the move are:
wash & go-go (will lead directly to the shampoo site once propagated)
bubblegum & blossom
the nukes
the rohypsters
the earlybird
the earlybird gets the job

so if anyone spots faults/broken links/ error pages etc.. please let me know. obviously my feeds will change too, but i’ll post those once the move is complete…

scary biscuits. :roll::roll:


0 thoughts on “Moving, so moving

  1. I am a techno spazz so HELP!! Will I still find you by the old method or do I need to start typing in a different title? Anyhow, congratulations for trying something new and scary, it’s good for us all.

  2. well, i’ll have redirect page up for at least a fortnight and then after that i’m not so sure. i’m currently in ‘negotiations’ with my host company over whether i have to pay for ‘’ all over again to keep it. if so i may just drop it and stick my shampoo site somewhere else, but i’m hoping that i’ve allready paid for it…. in which case there will be a permenant re-direct in place.

  3. I just saw your Pinky page and have to tell you about someone you’d LOVE! If you haven’t already seen him around DA, go and visit Neolestat. He has some extremely cool Pinky photos in his gallery.

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