Do you hear that Ern?

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We’re just uber-geeks about something we love

in a shameless piece of pottercast promotion the leaky cauldron have asked their listeners to blog about them. i would normally baulk at this kind of request but i have to admit i’m an obsessive about the show. if i don’t get my melissa, sue and – how can you resist him – john fix each week i am a decidedly unhappy bunny.
i listen to several other podcasts, a few of which i listen to each week (maccast, mark kermode & boag world – still not gripped by any of the whocasts on offer) but none of these are really essential to my mental wellbeing. i do listen to another well known potter podcast beginning with m which i also get obsessive about quite like but i have to have my pottercast! not for those who don’t love all things rowling it is a knee deep in theory and chipotle trawl through the minutae of the potterverse. this may sound a little dull to those not allready initiated but no, no, no, no, no, nooo it’s not!
it makes me want to squeee.

just go, you’re wasting time

oh ok, ok

We’ve missed it! … Now, if you two don’t mind, I’m going to bed! … Great Scott! No wonder! Look at the time, we’ve been here nearly four hours! Spooky how the time flies when one’s having fun! …

0 thoughts on “Do you hear that Ern?

  1. I shall just go out on a limb here and be totally honest; I am one of maybe 6 people on Earth who has never read a Harry Potter book nor watched more than the first movie (meaning I did watch the first one). I have no major complaints it just didn’t leave me with a craving BUT it seems to make many people happy so that is cool. Little Darling Daniel is going abit creepy with Equus though, eh?

  2. i hate myself for saying this but… the films/books are really good and get a hell of a lot better as it goes on, the first one is a bit sickly. but yeah there is somthing enjoyable and wintery about them. the stephen fry read audio books are maybe the best way to enjoy the stories.

    as for not one but two harry potter podcasts,i have to say i am sometimes mortified to know you….GEEK SCUM.


  3. GEEK SCUM??


    the first two movies are, i think, more representative of the ‘feel’ of the books but contain none of their edge. the third and fourth films are far better movies, much darker and more involving but there are, as always, lots of things that bug obsessives like me about them.

    Hermione: Is that really what my hair looks like from the back?

    i really like the movies (i own them all) but in a pudding-after-the-main-course kind of a way. i see them as an added extra treat for potter fans – the books are the main event. pottercast, for example does cover the films, particularly as new ones are released but all theory discussion is purely canon based.

    i’ve not helped lift that ‘geek scum’ tag have i?

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