Your mother’s cunt! Your mother’s cunt!

a few reviews i’ve been meaning to catch up on:

The Departed Directed by Martin Scorsese

i loved it. i loved it. i loved it. i cannot tell you how much i loved this film. perfectly cast, intelligent, pacey, tight, with a clever, twisty plot and oh my god so funny dialogue. i had been warned about how violent it is but no-one had warned me that i would piss myself laughing every time mark whalberg opened his mouth. i have nothing bad to say about this movie – even leonardo was on top form. i can’t wait to see it again.

oh, and it’s worth it’s ticket price for jack’s rat impression alone…


Brand Failures: The Truth About the 100 Biggest Branding Mistakes of All Time
by Matt Haig

i read this on holiday and found it both fascinating and strangely full of guilty schadenfreude pleasures. it covers the various aspects of why branding fails either over time or at the initial launch stage and is crammed full of case studies ranging from the sublime (earring magic ken) to the ridiculous (harley davidson perfume) which are all put through a grisly – if often head-smackingly obvious – post mortem. a surprisingly good holiday beach-read.


Nothing But Blue Skies
by Tom Holt

every review or quote i have read of tom holt has compared him to douglas adams. i am a HUGE douglas adams fan. the combination of thee two factors has long both put me off reading holt and piqued my curiosity. so finally i gave him a bash…
before i go any further let me state that it doesn’t come close to the deceptively genial english wit that adams is nothing short of a genius at however this was by no means a bad book. the adams reference points are all obvious enough – bewildered everyman, surreal and unexpected happenings, much conversation about the british weather. i don’t recall a lot of tea though…
it’s a gently humorous novel intersperced with moments of brilliance such as where he posits that the ‘great british empire’ was purely born out of a desire to get away from the rain to somewhere warmer, like india. and that the empire only collapsed due to the invention of things like duvets and central heating.
i will probably read some of his other books, but it was definately a pleasant amble rather than a must-read page turner.


0 thoughts on “Your mother’s cunt! Your mother’s cunt!

  1. I am glad you wrote a review about Departed. I was wondering about that movie but your review has made me want to se it for sure now. After watching “Gangs of New York” I thought I was “over” Martin but I may give him another chance. Also the books both sound interesting.

  2. yeah, gangs of new york left me fairly cold so i was also a bit take-it-or-leave-it about seeing the departed. but, honestly it’s worth it. it’s a real treat – i’d be interested to know what you think…

  3. Post Script: For some reason just looking at the front of the Tom Holt book I kept thinking of Tom Robbins. Have you ever read anything of his? I did a google search and found an interview where he was quoted as saying that one time a reviewer said ,”Tom Robbins needs to make up his mind between if he wants to be funny or serious.” To which Robbins replied ,”I’ll make my mind up when God makes up His.” I just kinda enjoyed that.

  4. calisto: yipee! you have blissed back!! i’ve left a comment for you, and i’ll catch up properly soon…
    don’t worry – it’s not annoying, you can be as psuedenonymous as you desire 😆

    mt: i’ve never heard of him, but i like that quote. i’ll give him a google…

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