Wrapped in plastic

so, i went as laura palmer for halloween. that would be dead laura palmer basically this just involved a last minute costume of lots of cling-film, plenty of blue glitter and a giant tub of 99p wet look hair gel. i rather liked it though… i actually went to a halloween gig this year, which was a first, and got to enjoy the sight of zombie rock and roll (courtesy of dick dangerous & the love bastards and the rohypsters) it was like ‘from dusk till dawn’ made (rotting) flesh!

i still haven’t carved my pumpkin though. it’s sitting all forlornly in the hall.



0 thoughts on “Wrapped in plastic

  1. Great idea for a costume! I try tooo hard to understand David Lynch. I know some consider him genius but my brain doesn’t rock like him. Although I kinda liked the wierd backwards talking dwarf guy.

  2. i think you hit the nail on the head with lynch, like dreams, you dont try to figure them out as you are having them, point and meaning is so much more easily applied after the fact, every time i see a new lynch film (oooh not long now till “inland empire” !) i just kind of sit back and let it wash over me, and more often than not scare the shit out of me, then its the obbsesive viewings afterwards that allow me to paste my own interpretations over. i definately herald the guy as a genius, but thats with or without the “meaning” whether his films make sense to you or not, they are works of high art. but when you let the fear of the uncanny and his grasp of recreating it in film, grab you by the nerves, its somthing you just cant get in anyother artform (well without the use of lsd! – lord knows i’ve seen some terrifying subtexts in soap operas thanks to that shit!) but anyway, yeah the laura palmer costume was inspired, i am now wishing i’d went as dale cooper, at least i’d have seen more instead of wearing those eviil lenses (my eyes still hurt! pinching them out at 3am on a head full of absinthe maybe wasnt that smart a move)

  3. mt: i like the backwards talking guy too. i like his little dance he does.

    om: i agree with everything you’ve said about mr lynch (almost a blog post initself!) i think his films are very dream/nightmare like. the scene leading up to the man behind winky’s in mullholland drive scares the absolute bejeesus out of me – for no real reason. i get scared because he is so scared.

    dale cooper is my hero though. the man is a zen god of weird.

    aesthetic: thank you! i feel a bit weird about posting pictures of myself on here but they are pretty oblique and they are on deviantArt so they might as well be here too!
    and yes, juliette….. mmmm….

  4. Some of those pictures creep the hell out of me. They look like still promos for “Silent Hill” or maybe “Saw”.

    PS – Where we’re from the birds sing a pretty song, and there’s always music in the air.

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