Swish and click

well, after the extreme geekery of the last fortnight i thought i would round things off nicely with a post containg both gaming and harry potter!
i am not a gamer, i own no games consoles, excluding a very ancient original gameboy for which i only own one game (mario & yoshi if you care) but i have recently found myself more and more tempted by the idea of the wii – it does seem, to paraphrase this post, like a ton of fun.

and then today i heard that ea are planning a harry potter wii game for order of the phoenix.
to tie in with the release of the film.
let me just spell this out for you all.

harry potter.




i can’t possibly justify getting a wii for one game? but the pull is so strong… it’s the closest to magic a squib like me could ever come…

oh, and if you too are worried about the satanic content of harry potter (and life in general) you really should check out chick publications

Moving, so moving

well, the time of reckoning is upon us…
i’m finally propagating my domains to the vps, in the process of which i am updating my portfolio site and giving marilyn’s shampoo a nice shiny new domain name of it’s own. i’ll be running my blog concurrently on marilynshampoo.co.uk for a few more days until everything is peachy over at the new url but i’m pretty nervous about shifting over the rohypsters blog as it’s got to go in one go. the other domains that will be affected by the move are:
wash & go-go (will lead directly to the shampoo site once propagated)
bubblegum & blossom
the nukes
the rohypsters
the earlybird
the earlybird gets the job

so if anyone spots faults/broken links/ error pages etc.. please let me know. obviously my feeds will change too, but i’ll post those once the move is complete…

scary biscuits. :roll::roll:

May the love hidden deep inside your heart find the love waiting in your dreams

so, i finally got my filthy little mitts on dirty blonde today. i am so excited i can hardly speak. i have been stroking the cover most of today. i haven’t let myself do anything more than peek yet though, i’m saving it for monday when i can sit down with a coffee and cake and enjoy it cover to cover…


check out this lovely microsite by moonwashedrose

I can envision a day when we’ll all be watching our flat-panel TVs and will Google the TV to figure out what to watch

recently i moved my main email account from hotmail to gmail. firstly let me say i LOVE gmail. it’s intuitive, searchable and instantly updates while you watch. also, because you can set it up so it logs emails as ‘conversations’ it is a real halfway house between email and IM.

anyway, in the header gmail has little, unobtrusive text ads which are picked by crawling your emails for relevant content. sofar today mine has said:

Dr Who Dalek T-shirt – buycoolshirts.com
Wired News: Top Stories
Making Sense of AJAX – http://www.backbase.com
Password – PCbeginner.com – 100% Find Any Password, Access Any Computer Now!

it’s a worry really…

you can buy the knickers at Think Geek

I once saw daddy beat a man until both he and the man were crying

i’ve just finished rewatching all three series of the league of gentlemen for the twevethieth time. truly it is genius. dark, dark stuff. my favourite story arc is without a doubt pauline and ross especially in the third series when she’s fresh out of the clitclink and bitter as hell.
and then there’s papa lazarou… *shudddder*
it’s awe inspiring that it’s all down to three guys (+ a fourth off camera)
i wasn’t so keen on the film, a bit flabby in places as these things tend to be, but the original stuff is gold. the third series is about as nasty as ‘mainstream’ comedy can get. seriously brilliantly twisted.

papa lazarou in his most sinister appearance:
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Who you are speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you’re saying

i’ve been playing about with the blogging site vox today having been drawn in by a rather stylish advert on deviantArt and..

i won’t be switching any time soon! it’s a very nice site to look at with a lot going on, it’s very web 2.0 (god help me for actually using that phrase) but as far as i can tell is only customisable in that you can choose from premade designs and decide what to include in your sidebar. it functions well enough as a plug and play solution and the templates are nice enough (if a little ‘contemporary’ for my taste)
the real draw (back – depending on your feelings) is the community aspect of it. there are a million things to take part in/stuff to look at and in a way this appeals to me, unfortunately it doesn’t come up to scratch for what i want from a blogging platform. it may be a good option for those using / considering blogger but really i think it is much closer to what myspace should be…

if anyone fancies having a muck about with it i have a test account – let me know and i’ll give you the password….

Cool, groovy, morning, fine. Tipper Gore was a friend of mine

i was listening to mark kermode reviewing the borat movie tonight and, amongst other things, he commented that there was an ‘anti-american’ streak to it that he felt uncomfortable with. while he was speaking mostly in referance to the film it got me thinking (plus i can’t get to sleep because i foolishly drank a mug of cofee at midnight so i could watch the rest of spiderman on dvd) and i decided to post my thoughts.

there is, it’s true, a river of anti-american sentiment running about a mile wide through britain at the moment. it’s roots are explicable and, largely, understandable but it is becoming increasingly rampant and – like any form of racism – unpleasant. it’s starting to make me uncomfortable too.

the eighties and early nineties in this country looked frequently towards america as a source of cultural aspiration. pepsi cola, levis guys, mtv. i for one was obsessed with beverly hills 90210. i discovered i had ‘bangs’, didn’t want to catch ‘mono’ and wanted to waitress in the peach pit so badly i could almost taste laverne’s apple pie.

and when we got tired of all that ‘apple pie’ kurt came to help us restle with our tortured souls.

by the mid ninties the revolt had begun. we wanted our music, our clothes and our government back. england for the english. select ran a union jack cover emblazoned with the words ‘yanks go home’ and offered us the cream of britpop as proof of our own cultural self sufficiancy. the shining jewel in the crown came with blair. new labour. new era. new cool britania.

generally speaking most brits never really noticed clinton, in the words of joni mitchell, till he was gone. the groundswell opinion is that blair dragged britain into a war that wasn’t ours. that when bush said that we were either for him or against him we picked the wrong side. when richard curtis takes the time out to question ‘how special the special aliance is’ in a hugh grant rom-com you have to worry about your PR.

add in to the mix for example: pimp my ride, barbie bling, tv channel D.O.G’s and metabolic syndrome and you have a heady cocktail of stuff to hate.

right now we have a nation where everyone under, like 23, sounds, like, totally american, dude. and everyone over 23 is quite happy to say in polite company ‘i wish they’d just bomb that whole fucking country’

we are a nation divided by the cultural instability of another country.

i get why people rage against the states here. i find myself using words like ‘fall’ (autumn) and ‘ass’ (arse!) and it annoys me. when eddie izzard compared america to the roman empire

beware america… you will collapse from within, like a wet souffle

i laughed like a drain.

rednecks, pimps, god botherers and gun toters right?

and yet i still, on a daily basis, enjoy art, music and film made by americans. i communicate daily with americans whom i love to bits. racsism is at heart a generalisation. a sweeping statement. oswald mosley used to tell his jewish ‘friends’ not to come to his rallies because they ‘wouldn’t like it’. so fucking british.

i know why the u.k is angry. we need to hold on to our own identity and america does need to get a grip, in so many ways. and i guess you needed to be told – but it’s getting out of hand. it’s so o.k now to be passionately anti-american (rather than anti-bush, say) that i do not envy any american brave enough to live here.

that said, we don’t like the french much either – and i saw my first polish immigration joke on tv this week. catherine tate in case you’re interested. so maybe things will cool down for all you ‘yankees’ over here soon…