Do you all know who Juliette and the Licks are? We’re all just a bunch of actors! We act like we’re in a band!

the much anticipated licks gig was last night – and apart from having to haul my cookies all the way to the abc in glasgow it was a predtictably fantastic event. i was stupidly excited beforehand and got a real tummy-rush when we walked into the hall. i had to forcibly stop myself from running across the middle of the floor to the front like in days of old – but i did ensconse myself in my usual barrier-hugging-but-slightly-to-the-right-of-the-moshpit posistion.

there are a few minor criticisms of the gig which i should be fair about – firstly the venue was a bit too bright for my taste and i thought her mike was far too quiet, in fact the sound in general could have been a whole lot louder. juliette herself did seem a little off for the first couple of numbers, though she did acknowledge this later on saying something along the lines of ‘you guys are great, i struggled at the start…’ and ‘next time i’m round here i will give you a 110 %’. in general her performance was a little less energetic than usual (and no stage dives – pah!)


by about 4 or 5 songs in the atmosphere was great and juliette seemed to be having a good time too. paltry grumbles aside, her outfit was super (i’ll post photos soon) and the gig was – on the whole – fucking awesome. ‘pray for the band, latoya’ (my favourite licks song) was so good i nearly wet myself.

whilst i would say that it wasn’t quite as good as last year i think the venue had a lot to do with it (barrowlands or carling acadamy next time, please) and it was still my second favourite gig in 10 years. my favourite being their last one. not bad 😆

oh. and i believe omegamale may have a little tale he would like to share with you all…


You chant for the shit you want and then you get it

if you didn’t catch the courtney documentary by Will Yapp the other night it’s worth a look. courtney is resplendant in both her lunacy and genius as always and it’s a very fair, if slight, portrait of where she’s at right now. one thing that never ceases to be bug me though is the general recieved wisdom that america’s sweetheart was bad. there are a couple of tracks i’m not keen on but sunset strip, life despite god, never be the same, but julian and mono are some of her finest recordings. in my humble opinion. but then, i feel the same way about the artwork which it would appear she now hates and i LOVE. i always took it to be part tounge in cheek and i think it was perfect for the album, particularly the album title. i can’t help wondering whether it is just that she is uncomfortamble with her memories of that period and that is reflecting on how she feels about the album itself, though others do seem to agree with her..

so anyway – the doc – some kind soul has uploaded it on youtube, click at the bottom to watch it here.

but first, a choice exchange from the programme:

courtney: well, i have mad episodes because i’m a bit mad

yapp: o.k – so maybe that’s the absolute core truth.

both laugh

yapp: you’re not on drugs but you are a bit mad.

courtney: yeah, well sure. i mean i’m a bit mad for sure.

it’s not like i see people…

…but thank god because, you know, if i wasn’t a bit mad i’d be a worthless rockstar.

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Romance is always political. Especially painful romance

everyone’s favourite dirty blonde has just given a really excellent interview to moonwashedrose – i’ve transposed it here in case it disapears…

choice excerpts:

on going through her childhood letters for her book:

There’s one letter I noticed since I grew up in various institutions with “parents whereaboutsunknown” (this contradicts her mother’s recent statements that she “chose to go on the street and be a stripper at 15). I was 12 when I entered the juvenile system and I stole a few papers about myself. “Coordinators” are the guys who drag you through the tunnels to the “quiet room” which is where you’re put into restraints, so when you see that six “coordinators” had to take me to QR you’ll know I wasn’t exactly choosing that situation. We found a letter to a stepparent that says we “went outside a couple of days ago” – we were allowed to walk outside for two hours a week, still with bars, but we could smell air. Then all of the sudden I was in a posh British boarding school and picked up an English accent and it was about the same. The girls just weren’t named Rhiannon and didn’t talk about Camaros so much or smoke weed or do self mutilation – not as much anyway. But it always was “PARENTS WHEREABOUTS UNKNOWN”.

on how dirty girls get clean:

The answer? Love and probably lots of sex too. I have to do all the washing up in my personal life.

The British must be gluttons for satire: even the weather forecast seemed to be some kind of spoof, predicting every possible combination of weather for the next twenty-four hours without actually committing itself to anything specific

well, i’ve finally got my head together enough to write my after holiday post.
i had, as you could have guessed a fantastic time. having never been a sun worshiper (as my pallid complexion will testify) for some reason this trip really brought out my inner beach bunny. most of my recent holidays have been to places like paris in october in the drizzle so i was surprised to find how much i enjoyed the hot weather. i’ve actually found it quite hard, and a bit depressing, to reaclimatise myself to edinburgh and the start of winter – something that has never happened to me before. all my bones are cracking and i’m yearning for my bikini…

the journey back into scotland was somewhat eased by pretending to be a very important person in the pursuit of a room with no wailing babies and free wi-fi, do you think they could smell commoner on me?

but what about the holiday, i hear you say: malta is the perfect halfway between a great sun & sand location and a really historically interesting place to visit too. it has a beautiful ramshackle faded beauty that i absolutely adored with some of the most incredible old buildings just propped up all over the place. due to it’s history of british rule there are also a lot of noticible british influences like red post boxes, uk plug sockets and old-skool phone boxes dotted about which i found a bit weird in the middle of the distinctly mediterranian vibe. there are a lot of brits in malta but *so far* it hasn’t sunk into an ex-pat hellhole.

whilst we were there (in between sunbathing, swimming and generally lounging about) we visited gozo (which is very beautiful and would be worth a return trip of it’s own), valetta, the archeology museum, the mosta dome, the grand masters palace and – of course – the popeye village.

the popeye village is notable for two unexpected reasons: firstly it had the most incredible little bay which would have been worth the entry fee alone. secondly it has a christmas ‘village’


what does this have to do with popeye? no idea, but it does have the devils reindeers, creepy elves in ‘massage’ machines, sinister gophers and a bloody great ornamental snowman. (photographic evidence at the end of the post)

a bit peculiar in the blinding sunlight to say the very least. quite possibly the highlight of my holiday.

everybody: “i wish it could be chriiiiistmaas everydaaaaaay……”

*pretty pictures below*
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