Leapin’ Basalisks

possibly the funniest thing i have heard all year. courtesey of the leaky cauldron.


0 thoughts on “Leapin’ Basalisks

  1. much as i love you and your blog and all the shit that you have perversions for….the “annie” one, i am sorry but i am fed up of tolorating it.. i mean look at the little bitch for fuck sake, if anyone’s face was ever screaming for a white ford transit van full of snowballing rapists it was hers (just her face alone please chaps).

    the only thing i can think of that would give me more pleasure than booting absolute fuck out of that freakish little cow’s face is doing hard drugs off it.

    the affection you display her turns my stomach, (and if any of you think i am overreacting here, please understand, that i have to endure the soundtrack/film in this house, without any irony, its fucking terrifying)

    please stop with the ugly ginger orphan little bitch.
    or its over!

    ( i wont even entertain the song, the fact that its a parody has no longer any effect on me, no comedic one anyway)

  2. pssshhhh!

    voldemort is only saved from my wrath, purely for delivering the line “kill the spare” in the last film, other than that i reckon he’s maybe a bit of a jesse, any money if that ginger wee bitch had a pair of gregory pecks on and a magic wand, the “dark lord” would be bricking it.

    that wee bitch is well gryfyndor

    hagrid would be all over her in a minute, the big fish stinking beast that he is.

    i wonder if hagrid could fit in the bag of a white ford transit.

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