Is that like vpl?

i’m currently in the middle of the more than a little laborious process of switching all my sites (i host about 10, including a couple of blogs) over to a vps. i’m looking forward to a future of nice tidy sites with no clunky forwarded urls –but if anything is likely to screw up in the moving it will be marilyn’s shampoo… i’ve found a few good tutorials but it’s a pretty daunting task so apologies if anything goes awry over the next wee while 😯 i’ll do my best to keep the place intact!

the wind up robot-maid (virtual server – geddit??) can be bought here


0 thoughts on “Is that like vpl?

  1. This comment has nothing to do with your post but is a comment about a comment you left for me regarding taking pictures of doorways. It was while looking at your piccies of Malta that I saw a doorway you had photographed and I really liked it and it just got me to thinking about the whole “doorway” subject. Great minds think alike (or something like that).

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