All apologies

if things look a bit crazy around here for a while it’s because i’m doing a bit of a revamp. everything should be back to normal soon 😆


0 thoughts on “All apologies

  1. I am envious of all you graphic and online artisty types!!! Good for you with the revamp update! I’m looking forward to seeing it. Just to let you know; the right sidebar (as far as what I get) on your blog right now is all messed-up and it won’t access stuff for me. Just lettin you know.

  2. mt – it seems to be ok for me now. is it still screwed up for you?

    aesthetic – 😆 you’re always re-vamping though, every time i stop by you’ve had the decorators round! it’s looking great just now though – i like the pink…

    oh, and my hols were amazing thank you!

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