You chant for the shit you want and then you get it

if you didn’t catch the courtney documentary by Will Yapp the other night it’s worth a look. courtney is resplendant in both her lunacy and genius as always and it’s a very fair, if slight, portrait of where she’s at right now. one thing that never ceases to be bug me though is the general recieved wisdom that america’s sweetheart was bad. there are a couple of tracks i’m not keen on but sunset strip, life despite god, never be the same, but julian and mono are some of her finest recordings. in my humble opinion. but then, i feel the same way about the artwork which it would appear she now hates and i LOVE. i always took it to be part tounge in cheek and i think it was perfect for the album, particularly the album title. i can’t help wondering whether it is just that she is uncomfortamble with her memories of that period and that is reflecting on how she feels about the album itself, though others do seem to agree with her..

so anyway – the doc – some kind soul has uploaded it on youtube, click at the bottom to watch it here.

but first, a choice exchange from the programme:

courtney: well, i have mad episodes because i’m a bit mad

yapp: o.k – so maybe that’s the absolute core truth.

both laugh

yapp: you’re not on drugs but you are a bit mad.

courtney: yeah, well sure. i mean i’m a bit mad for sure.

it’s not like i see people…

…but thank god because, you know, if i wasn’t a bit mad i’d be a worthless rockstar.

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