Do you all know who Juliette and the Licks are? We’re all just a bunch of actors! We act like we’re in a band!

the much anticipated licks gig was last night – and apart from having to haul my cookies all the way to the abc in glasgow it was a predtictably fantastic event. i was stupidly excited beforehand and got a real tummy-rush when we walked into the hall. i had to forcibly stop myself from running across the middle of the floor to the front like in days of old – but i did ensconse myself in my usual barrier-hugging-but-slightly-to-the-right-of-the-moshpit posistion.

there are a few minor criticisms of the gig which i should be fair about – firstly the venue was a bit too bright for my taste and i thought her mike was far too quiet, in fact the sound in general could have been a whole lot louder. juliette herself did seem a little off for the first couple of numbers, though she did acknowledge this later on saying something along the lines of ‘you guys are great, i struggled at the start…’ and ‘next time i’m round here i will give you a 110 %’. in general her performance was a little less energetic than usual (and no stage dives – pah!)


by about 4 or 5 songs in the atmosphere was great and juliette seemed to be having a good time too. paltry grumbles aside, her outfit was super (i’ll post photos soon) and the gig was – on the whole – fucking awesome. ‘pray for the band, latoya’ (my favourite licks song) was so good i nearly wet myself.

whilst i would say that it wasn’t quite as good as last year i think the venue had a lot to do with it (barrowlands or carling acadamy next time, please) and it was still my second favourite gig in 10 years. my favourite being their last one. not bad 😆

oh. and i believe omegamale may have a little tale he would like to share with you all…

0 thoughts on “Do you all know who Juliette and the Licks are? We’re all just a bunch of actors! We act like we’re in a band!

  1. I love your description of the whole event. I have a REAL problem with crowds and people in general so I have wasted 50 years of living and NEVER been to a live concert. I know it’s hard to believe. But I live vicariously through the stories of others.

  2. 😆 yes, musical based incontinance is, er, always a good thing.

    i’m glad you like the header – i’m not sure if i’m done tweaking it but i ‘d started to think the old one was a bit somber considering the trivial level of most of my posts…

  3. yeah it was an amazing gig, and i am definateling loving the whole, indian feather headress (i am actually going to borrow it for a bit myself i think), she is a tiger, i can smell one a mile off, i gave her some of my tiger moves and she mirrored them, and saw them as the way forward.

    one of these days juliette is going to have to make marilyn move over methinks.

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