Romance is always political. Especially painful romance

everyone’s favourite dirty blonde has just given a really excellent interview to moonwashedrose – i’ve transposed it here in case it disapears…

choice excerpts:

on going through her childhood letters for her book:

There’s one letter I noticed since I grew up in various institutions with “parents whereaboutsunknown” (this contradicts her mother’s recent statements that she “chose to go on the street and be a stripper at 15). I was 12 when I entered the juvenile system and I stole a few papers about myself. “Coordinators” are the guys who drag you through the tunnels to the “quiet room” which is where you’re put into restraints, so when you see that six “coordinators” had to take me to QR you’ll know I wasn’t exactly choosing that situation. We found a letter to a stepparent that says we “went outside a couple of days ago” – we were allowed to walk outside for two hours a week, still with bars, but we could smell air. Then all of the sudden I was in a posh British boarding school and picked up an English accent and it was about the same. The girls just weren’t named Rhiannon and didn’t talk about Camaros so much or smoke weed or do self mutilation – not as much anyway. But it always was “PARENTS WHEREABOUTS UNKNOWN”.

on how dirty girls get clean:

The answer? Love and probably lots of sex too. I have to do all the washing up in my personal life.


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