And it doesn’t help the war a bit

i’ve just discovered the wartime weirdosity that is the ‘squanderbug’.… can you believe they actually got children to make the creepy little creature to play with? well, i suppose everyone loves a toy with swastikas on his chest and an evil hitler face don’t they?
welcome to a generation of shopping related guilt issues


0 thoughts on “And it doesn’t help the war a bit

  1. Oh PLEASE don’t let George W. hear about this or it will be his new project. Although he would screw it up and call it a Squallor Bug and he’d think it was for poor people.

  2. Okay what I’m writing now has nothing to do with your post (above). It is an answer to some of the comments you left on my blogs. (by the way, thanks for the comments). The ambiguous comment I left under the picture of the dog with the title The Best Dog in the World was regarding the fact that our daughter (she’s the one who married a Yorkshire lad and lives outside London) adopted that dog from a shelter and his REAL (official name) was Christopher Robin but we all called him Baby because he was so gentle and sweet and we spoiled him. Anyhow, when our daughter left for England in 2003 he became my dog. But as he aged he started having alot of common large dog health problems and he needed surgery on his hip plus constant medication and my husband didn’t want to spend the money so I took him to his regular vet and she said she knew a lady who who love to adopt him and who could afford his medical needs. I feel like I abandoned him (Baby) plus I miss him alot.

  3. Is that much different then getting kids uncle Sam dolls to play with? It is the same propaganda, and while it may not be for the same thing, they are trying to get kids to recognize these figures as children to make them more comfortable with them as adults.

  4. joefish: me too!!!

    mt: i think i want a squallor bug too…
    (& thanks for filling me in about the pooch. i’ve had to do something similar before – it’s not easy)

    sean: i take your point and i think i find all propaganda a bit creepy in general but at least uncle sam was – if i’m not mistaken – seen as a more benevolent figure? there is something particularly troubling about the idea of giving these kids a toy to play with representing – essentially – all their worst nightmares (war, death, the ‘enemy’, the already demonised figure of hitler himself) whilst also using it to instill a specific home-based moral code (don’t squander your money). so not only is your own government, queen & country ‘watching’ you but so is the squander bug

    and his face gives me the fear.

    and it’s a bug.

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