Bug food

no pic today!

just a quick wee message to gloat about how wonderful a holiday i’m having. the only low point so far being bitten aproximately 93697625 times last night so i look much like i have the deadly pox. hey ho, a small price to pay for sunny bliss…

in case you haven’t guessed i figured out how to set up automatic posting before i went away and this is the first time i’ve made it to an internet ‘cafe’ since i’ve been here. no time to check my comments just now unfortunately since i’m on the the slowest dial-up known to man.

anyway, i’m off to bask in the glorious weather again….


0 thoughts on “Bug food

  1. Okay, NOW you have to worry about West Nile Virus! Whatever. Make sure not to eat any spinach! Also, I’ve been thinking; you never said they were bug bites so perhaps you’re on a cannibal island?

  2. I was being sarcastic. The “spinach” remark is because here in the US there’s this giant warning about not eating spinach because several people have gotten e-coli from fresh spinach. And the West Nile Virus supposedly comes from being bitten by infected mosquitos. There’s about a million things we’re warned about daily in the news!!! I just ignore it all and do what I want.

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