Crawling round the alleys in camden town

i just finished reading ‘The Last Party: Britpop, Blair and the Demise of English Rock’ by John Harris which parallells the acsension of britpop, the labour party and the ‘rebranding of britain’ in the latter half of the nineties. it was a far more interesting and in-depth read than i was expecting with bands like elastica and menswe@r getting a surprising amount of coverage alongside the blur vs oasis story. my beloved suede also got a very fair hand, aknowledged as part-instigators of the scene that they have long since dissowned. particularly intreresting was the thread running through it tracing attitudes to the union jack – from morrissey being lambasted for wearing one on stage in the early nineties through the flag waving of noelrock to the infamous brit awards geri moment. there was also a decent amount of attention given to the political side of what is essentialy a music book – allthough it did make a particularly ill-timed and dispiriting read what with the last gasps of the ‘cool britania’ dream crumbling around us as we speak…

definately worth a read.



0 thoughts on “Crawling round the alleys in camden town

  1. Are you writing from Malta? Why are you sitting around reading when you could be swimming? That book you mentioned sounds too deep for me.

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