We’re all going on a…

well, i’m sad to say i’m going to be heading off on my hols – to malta – for a couple of weeks. (sad? who am i kidding? i can’t effing wait) i will try and post a few times while i’m away (i have a couple of little treats up my sleeve) but don’t expect dostojevski. i also might not get time to reply to comments (grabbing the wi-fi while i can and all that) so er… talk amongst yourselves until i get back….


0 thoughts on “We’re all going on a…

  1. When you get back I want piccies and details! The only thing I know about Malta is that “Popeye” the movie with Robin Williams was filmed there. It looks beautiful.

  2. mt – popeye 😆 apparantly we are staying right next to where it was filmed! there is a ‘popeye village’ you can visit…

    joe – :mrgreen: dammit, now i need to think of a post title better than that…

    aesthetic – thank you! i will!

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