marilyn’s shampoo… literally

for anyone who doesn’t know i’m a huge fan of the now sadly defunct teen pop duo shampoo. i have meant to post about them here for some time now but kept being distracted by other things. for those oblivious to the charms of the ‘poo let me be lazy and quote from a section i wrote for wiki on them:

Shampoo combined a poppy girlishness and a love of all things plastic, kitsch, and pink with a punk sensibility. They often cited their main influences as being the Sex Pistols, Gary Numan and the Beastie Boys, whilst also claiming to be huge fans of East 17 and Take That. They approached interviews with a studied insolence and tended to finish each other’s sentences, claiming that they always thought exactly the same thing at the same time. Playing on an image that was part Johnny Rotten, part stubborn lolita infantilism, part lipstick lesbian and part razor-sharp wit, Askew and Blake tended to confuse both journalists and record-buyers as to who exactly was their target audience. Whilst this may have prevented longlasting mainstream success, it was also arguably their greatest strength in an industry increasingly dominated by easily-digested, two-dimensional artists

well, to my great excitement, there’s recently been a whole load of new shampoo videos, including a couple of (admittedly not earth shattering) interviews, uploaded to youtube so i’ve collected them all here for anyone who want’s to watch them.

theakston: why do you like coming away (to hong kong) ?
carrie: to make money
jacqui: and go shopping


0 thoughts on “marilyn’s shampoo… literally

  1. everyone has. i love them to bits – perfect pop.

    a friend of mine saw them at a festival once and said “you’re shampoo aren’t you?” and they said

    “fuck off”

    perfectly timed, in unison. she said it would have been such a dissapointmant if they had been nice 😆

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