Frack – a – doodle – do

well, i’ve just finished a week long binge on the first series of the new batalstar galactica after having had it reccomended by several people. i have quite a lot to say about it – both good and bad – but let me preface this with the fact that i only know two things about the original: 1) that the cylon’s weren’t shaped like supermodels and 2) that face from the A-team was in it. also, critiscisms aside i did enjoy it otherwise i wouldn’t have watched the whole season in the inside of a week…

the rest of the post is spoilerific if you haven’t seen it yet…

things i liked about it:

gaius baltar – he cracks me up. he’s got a hard life hasn’t he? what with all that trying to be a genius whilst an invisible hot blonde has her hands down his pants. he is also a good old fashioned amoral worm. he’s an endearing little worm, but a worm nonetheless. all his screen time is gold.

evil bitch – when the afformentioned (and referentially named) number six oh so casually snaps that baby’s neck. brrrrrrrrrrr.

theology in space – i’m pleasantly surprised by the faith/religion/prophesy/fate/destiny themes going on. it’s very unusual in that i don’t really know where it’s headed and i like that. it’s not an obvious THIS IS ABOUT GOD message, or a straightforward science is fact, god is fiction axiom either. i look forward to seeing how this progresses.

apollo – my other half thinks he’s ‘wet’ but i think he’s kind of cute. in a sub-cristian-slater sort of a way.

the robot cylons – they are mean and metal and fast and still make big gooey blood-messes when they die. cool.

the sacraficial decisions – the hard ‘war’ choices like letting 200 people die to gaurentee saving 2, 0000 etc..

the drama – is just good enough to push it out of being ‘soapy’ and kept me engaged

but: (things i didn’t like about it)

the drama – at times i wanted a bit more sci with my fi

all the frackin’ fracks – i realise this is an homage to the old show (ooh look – i really know three things about it!) but it’s very annoying. and far too frequent. there are couple of episodes that are a frack a minute. JUST SAY FUCK. it sits weirdly alongside all the shagging and killing and makes you feel like ned flanders ended up in a post-watershed show by mistake. i paricularly hated when it was used at a serious part because it would totally undermine the moment for me. gimicky and annoying.

starbuck – o.k, my issue is not with her but with the classically prime-time demographic carrot that she is. she is text book dyke fodder and yet is as straight as you get. this is not me saying that all sassy cigar smoking chicks are gay (?) but let’s be realistic – in the annals of time you will find her filed neatly alongside ripley and sarah conner in the box marked ‘straight but the ladies love ’em’ are we really to believe that in the whole twelve colonies there is not a single homo? big shows allways wimp out of actually making characters gay but are quite happy to rake in the fanbucks they are courting with a character like starbuck. all joking aside, it could have created some interesting character friction when sat alongside issues of procreation and ‘re-building’ the human race…

grace park – can’t act for toffee. which is just great since there are about a million of her.

i hate to end on the negative, because i did really like it and it is a step in the right direction for ‘serious’ t.v sci-fi (ie not farscape) and i plan on watching the second series as soon as possible


oh, i don’t know – it just didn’t ring my bell as much as i was hoping.


0 thoughts on “Frack – a – doodle – do

  1. Here I go again (pretty soon you’ll be calling me a stalker) but I can’t help myself if I enjoy reading enjoyable sarcasm (also known as humor). I read the whole blog because I’m not a huge sci-fi fan (although I gave birth to one!!!!) so it didn’t ruin anything for me. My daughter and her husband who live outside London are HUGE into Battlestar Gallatica, Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who, and there’s some others that I have forgotten. The one sci-fi bigtime movie that I really enjoyed was the Star Trek one (can’t remember which one) with the whales.

  2. Melancholy, you’re thinking of Star Trek IV, The Voyage Home.


    Ooh, fantastic. I loves me some Battlestar Galactica. Whenever you post about Dr. Who, I want desperately to participate in the discussion, but I’ve never seen a single episode of any of the series. But with BSG, I can hang. heh.

    There are three things I remember about the original series. 1) The Cylons were shiny. 2) There was a kid with a robot dog. 3) Something about a disco soap opera in space. (I may be making up that last one, but it might be in there.)

    On the new series, I dispute one of your points a little. When Number Six broke that baby’s neck, I don’t think it was casual but rather careless. Watch the scene again, paying very close attention to her face. She looks slightly surprised. Granted, she is completely without compassion or remorse, but I don’t think it was malicious.

    Re: the whole fracking frackness. It is basic cable. They can get away with more than network, but not too much more. Nearly all the characters are soldiers and as such should probably curse like angry drunks, but I’m not sure the Sci-Fi Channel could tolerate a show drenched in that much profanity.

    How much American politics filters into the UK? From my point of view, the new BSG is a giant allegory on post-9/11 America.

    The “heroes” have religion, but are largely godless. The “villians” are extremely devout and willing to take extreme measures to follow their faith.

    There are questions of human rights, torturing prisoners for information, suicide bombers, sleeper agents, freedoms in a time of crisis, etc., etc. It’s TWAT with spaceships. And a supermodel.

  3. mt – i haven’t seen the star trek with the whale. the only whale movie i could think of was free willy and that’s a whole other bowl of wrong.

    joe – re: the dead baby-neck. i hadn’t thought of it that way, i’ll have to re-watch.

    the political allegory: it’s interesting, i had thought of that in terms of the torture, terrorism and ‘suicide bombing’ but not in terms of the religious aspects of the show. definately true.

    the frackin’ around : it surprises me that profanity woud be an issue but not sex and violence. that’s censorship for you…

    oh, and the post title: allthough you’re right – it was said in shaun of the dead my (earlier!) referance point was, i’m afraid to say four weddings and a funeral

  4. Ah, I see. Never seen Four Weddings and a Funeral. I make it a point to never go out of my way to never watch a Hugh Grant movie. I always end up liking the bastard. I want to hate him, but it’s not possible.

  5. he’s a charming guy is hugh. mmmm hugh….

    sorry where was i…

    yeah, the film is basically a cacophany of fucks and buggers and in the key scene where he sees the girl of his dreams marry someone else he says:

    fuck – a -doodle – do

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