Love and hate what a beautiful combination

clearly joe was right

it would appear i have deep seated masochistic issues with myspace as in my infinite wisdom (?) i’ve just started my first myspace group

to be fair to the old banger i have got into the comunity side of it since i found some really cool people, artists and bands – and managed to weed out some of the tits and freaks.

it does of course still take a minimum of 3 goes to get anything to actually post on the thing but…. meh


0 thoughts on “Love and hate what a beautiful combination

  1. I tried to write something on your myspace page but it said I have to be a member for 7 days before I can post anything and I only just signed-up. (sigh). What I wanted to RAVE about is how much I LOVE Kirsty MacColl (sp??). You don’t hear much about her here in the states but I freakin love her sound. How come so many good songwriters/singers die young?

  2. it was especially tragic with her because she didn’t die with – to paraphrase brett anderson – her head down the toilet and a needle up her arse.
    i’d love it if you come back in a week (sigh) and write about her. i don’t know a huge amount about her but that is partly what the thing is for, to open me up to music i may not have heard/ given a fair listen. i’m also just interested in hearing what other people are passionate about and why.

    i’m trying to work out if i can get a music player on the group so that i can profile artists people are writing about too…

  3. I really enjoyed your link to he writes very well and so sarcastic! Loved it. Thanks for broadening my horizens as it were!

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