And it doesn’t help the war a bit

i’ve just discovered the wartime weirdosity that is the ‘squanderbug’.… can you believe they actually got children to make the creepy little creature to play with? well, i suppose everyone loves a toy with swastikas on his chest and an evil hitler face don’t they?
welcome to a generation of shopping related guilt issues



The cool thing about being famous is traveling. I have always wanted to travel across seas, like to Canada and stuff

well, i am writing this from the v.i.p lounge in malta airport – oh, yes!! practising for my future as a rockstar wife tee hee hee. it’s lush – free snacks and bar and comfy couches – just thought i’d rub it in…

on the down side i’ve just had a sneak at the new apple ipod shuffle and nano products and i’m allready trying to figure out how i can justify/affard one of each. tasty little buggers. expect a proper missive on this subject soon.

Don’t let people drive you crazy when you know it’s in walking distance

a few days before i went off on my hols i picked up a flyer publicising a ‘memory mall walk’ to raise money for alzheimer scotland. it asked if you would “fancy a sponsored walk as never seen before?” now, i’m sorry for picking on a worthy charitable organisation and all that – but – the whole thing is WRONG on soooo many levels.

1. since when did it become a mall, like riiily?? closer to – “cuttin aboot doon the joan poal”* surely?
2. why would anyone want to walk around a shopping centre? jeezycreezy, the countryside isn’t just for torturing foxes you know.
3. apparantly they do this in the states quite a lot. i’m guessing that this is probably around shopping ‘malls’ considerably bigger than our local effort. the flyer boasts ‘walks of up to 2 miles’ …. wooo hoo!!!
4. i really hope the – as louise rennison would have it – ‘elderly mad’ don’t wander off and gets lost in the changing rooms of new look

*leith rhyming slang

Bug food

no pic today!

just a quick wee message to gloat about how wonderful a holiday i’m having. the only low point so far being bitten aproximately 93697625 times last night so i look much like i have the deadly pox. hey ho, a small price to pay for sunny bliss…

in case you haven’t guessed i figured out how to set up automatic posting before i went away and this is the first time i’ve made it to an internet ‘cafe’ since i’ve been here. no time to check my comments just now unfortunately since i’m on the the slowest dial-up known to man.

anyway, i’m off to bask in the glorious weather again….

Crawling round the alleys in camden town

i just finished reading ‘The Last Party: Britpop, Blair and the Demise of English Rock’ by John Harris which parallells the acsension of britpop, the labour party and the ‘rebranding of britain’ in the latter half of the nineties. it was a far more interesting and in-depth read than i was expecting with bands like elastica and menswe@r getting a surprising amount of coverage alongside the blur vs oasis story. my beloved suede also got a very fair hand, aknowledged as part-instigators of the scene that they have long since dissowned. particularly intreresting was the thread running through it tracing attitudes to the union jack – from morrissey being lambasted for wearing one on stage in the early nineties through the flag waving of noelrock to the infamous brit awards geri moment. there was also a decent amount of attention given to the political side of what is essentialy a music book – allthough it did make a particularly ill-timed and dispiriting read what with the last gasps of the ‘cool britania’ dream crumbling around us as we speak…

definately worth a read.


We’re all going on a…

well, i’m sad to say i’m going to be heading off on my hols – to malta – for a couple of weeks. (sad? who am i kidding? i can’t effing wait) i will try and post a few times while i’m away (i have a couple of little treats up my sleeve) but don’t expect dostojevski. i also might not get time to reply to comments (grabbing the wi-fi while i can and all that) so er… talk amongst yourselves until i get back….

marilyn’s shampoo… literally

for anyone who doesn’t know i’m a huge fan of the now sadly defunct teen pop duo shampoo. i have meant to post about them here for some time now but kept being distracted by other things. for those oblivious to the charms of the ‘poo let me be lazy and quote from a section i wrote for wiki on them:

Shampoo combined a poppy girlishness and a love of all things plastic, kitsch, and pink with a punk sensibility. They often cited their main influences as being the Sex Pistols, Gary Numan and the Beastie Boys, whilst also claiming to be huge fans of East 17 and Take That. They approached interviews with a studied insolence and tended to finish each other’s sentences, claiming that they always thought exactly the same thing at the same time. Playing on an image that was part Johnny Rotten, part stubborn lolita infantilism, part lipstick lesbian and part razor-sharp wit, Askew and Blake tended to confuse both journalists and record-buyers as to who exactly was their target audience. Whilst this may have prevented longlasting mainstream success, it was also arguably their greatest strength in an industry increasingly dominated by easily-digested, two-dimensional artists

well, to my great excitement, there’s recently been a whole load of new shampoo videos, including a couple of (admittedly not earth shattering) interviews, uploaded to youtube so i’ve collected them all here for anyone who want’s to watch them.

theakston: why do you like coming away (to hong kong) ?
carrie: to make money
jacqui: and go shopping