Heaven in ‘77

yestarday i watched a compilation dvd of marc bolan‘s performances on the marc show and good lord it really was the ultimate thin line between ridiculous and genius. pans people style dance troups, neon lights, bizarre sets and so much lurid coloured polyester that i’m amazed the building didn’t spontaeneously combust. and marc. gorgeous pixie marc. probably the campest man to have ever worn glitter hairspray.

there is this one simply astonishing piece of footage of him running through the woods in a little house on the prarie style wearing a leopard print cat suit to the song ‘celebrate summer’. in case you don’t know it the chorus contains the imortal lyric “summer’s not a bummer”


sadly i couldn’t find that clip for your viewing pleasure but this equally tack-ridden version of i love to boogie (with aforementioned catsuit) should suffice.

see the full illustration from this post here


0 thoughts on “Heaven in ‘77

  1. OH MY GOD, can I just say THANKS for bringing a smile to my face and a song to my heart!!! I clicked on your link to I love to Boogie. I first heard that song in the movie “Billy Elliot” (okay, I know I’m slow to catch on) and I just thought it was FUN. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I am soo pumped up after watching that Marc Bolan clip that I was picturing (as I do with everything I see or hear in life) it in my head as a movie directed by Moi. As he looks into the camera in that particular video clip I swear I can see Johnny Depp starring in the “Mark Bolan Story; A Life Too Short”.

  3. i’m glad you enjoyed it!

    johnny as marc? mmm – interesting thought…..

    i’m a bit of a t-rex/marc fan. i’ve always struggled a bit with the idea of them as a serious rock band but they are the perfect pop rock crossover. marc bolan was basically just a big old hippie and his lyrics are mostly just a bunch of weird pretty words that don’t really mean very much but they SOUND great!!!

    i’ve got a few t-rex videos saved on my youtube you can have a look at if you want – and if you don’t want to eat him whole in this one you are mad, mad, mad…

  4. I did go and listen to several other of your favorites on your mytube link. First of all; I have heard “Children of the Revolution” but didn’t know who sang that till now!! (I have led a very sheltered life!) Also, I did not know Juliette Lewis had a band! I googled Juliette and read alot of info about her and her band! It’s a good thing I have learned how to blog because I sure have learned alot of of stuff!

  5. Evidently I am a huge fan of TRex but just never realized who they were or maybe I used to know that info in the 70s and smoked tooo much pot and forgot because I have gone to several of the Marc/T Rex links and I REMEMBER those songs!! All I can remember listening to is Neil Young, America, Loggins and Messina, Kiss, REO Speedwagon, Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, Queen (a few songs made it to USA). Mostly whatever rock was playing on a local radio then. We live in a pretty small community and didn’t even have a jazz channel on the dial until a year ago!

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