You lot, all you do is eat chips, go to bed and watch telly. While all the time underneath you there’s a war going on.

this weekend i visited the best chippie in the world – and i found it in, of all places falkirk. it’s called benny t’s and according to their website blurb everything is:

sourced on a daily basis from some of the finest, fresh food and produce markets and suppliers (and) we actively support the scottish fishing industry by sourcing all our fish from scottish waters

well, it certainly tastes like it! the fish was yummy and tasted like real fish and the chips didn’t leave any of the usual greasy after-chippie-taste in the mouth. allthough i just went for bog standard fish supper they also have a rather impressive menu including lemon sole and calamari. the prices are surprisingly reasonable too.

plus, from an aesthetic point of view, it was easilly the nicest chip shop i’ve ever been in. very clean, modern and well branded with a slightly retro 50’s feel to the signage. plus everthing came in these ace little cardboard boxes.


0 thoughts on “You lot, all you do is eat chips, go to bed and watch telly. While all the time underneath you there’s a war going on.

  1. Sounds good. We found a fish & chip shop up the coast a few hours, while we were on hols a while back. It had the most wonderful fish you could imagine and I’m not a fish fan. The best part was devouring the “feast”, on the river bank, overlooking the fishing fleet, that caught the fishies, that went into the yummies, that we ate… I don’t know why she swallowed the fly (perhaps I’m an idiot).

    Oh yar and I’ve enabled comments, so please get your gabbiness over at your earliest possible convenience, because it is rubbish without you 🙂

  2. OKAY, let’s talk about fish and chips in UK!!! One of our daughters married a Brit boy in Hull, East Yorkshire, England and we all rowed across the Atlantic and made an American Invasion. My husband and I LOVED the fish and chips. There is NOTHING to compare to them in the US that we can find. I am such a UK sycophant it’s embarrasing but at least I’m sincere!!!

  3. mt – fish & chips rock – allthough the way they are made most places in the uk (double true for scotland) you can really only eat them twice a year before your arteries block up. it’s no accident we are the heart disease capital of the world. i have to say though, that one at benny t’s tasted pretty healthy by comparison.

    p.s i have a wonderful mental picture of you all in wedding gear in a small rowboat crossing the atlantic like the owl and the pussycat!

    aesthetic – i’m on my way….

  4. what marilyn neglected to mentions was that benny t’s had a built in resteraunt as well, definately going back for a visit.

    but best thing…..
    massive bugbear of mine in british chippies…

    they normally ask “salt and sauce” (which for the non brits is usually loads of salt and home made brown sauce completely sodden wattered down in vinigar enough to make you choke on it)

    in my humble opinion the only way to have your chippie is to have the chips literally swimming in sauce, so much so your toungue will feel red raw for at least 2 days.

    so normally i reply “yes disgusting amounts, please, when you think you’ve put too much on …keep going”

    this is often ignored christ, in glasgow they throw a couple of pointless little sachets at you.

    but benny t’s man….. when i got home i had to consider having mine on a soup bowl.

    ye cannae teach it, ye kin only learn frae it.

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