The Internet: Transforming Society and Shaping the Future Through Chat

today, after visiting a courtney forum that i am an occasional reader of i found myself writing a huge ranty post about it and how much it winds me up. on re-reading i pulled it from the main page but you can read it here if you want. the reason i pushed it off the main page is that i realised, on reflection, that whilst i stand by my comments in that post i could in fact level much of it at most forums i have joined. one of the things that has surprised me about the ‘blogosphere’ is how courteous it is in general and having spent a lot of time in the past in the playground-like atmosphere of forums and message boards it was a very pleasant discovery.
they are such squabbleboxes and seem to bring out the worst in human nature. there are, of course a few worthy and notable exceptions but in general it is a painful experience. and it’s irrispective of the subject. brett anderson: smart man, nice site, stupid fucking forum. just full of people trying to out-fan, out-bitch and generally out-freak each other.

it’s a shame because i want to take part. really, i do. i keep joining them, posting, getting tense and angry, shouting at the screen and then never going back until six months later when i’ve forgotten all about it. and it’s just the same again.

gah. i like it around these parts much more.

19 thoughts on “The Internet: Transforming Society and Shaping the Future Through Chat

  1. A Hello Kitty shower radio. I think I’ve found my sister’s Christmas present.

    I agree with you that the blogosphere is somewhat more laid back than forums. Forums are more focused, and many people can have a sense of ownership there. If people think they’re on home turf and experts on the topic at hand, they’re far more likely to rabidly defend their positions.

  2. while you’re at it you can buy me one too!

    yeah, i think you’ve hit the nail on the head – it’s all one big power struggle.
    i guess with blogs ultiamately you are always a guest, or it is your own blog. also i think there is an element of people reading about stuff they don’t necessarily know about allready or are not specifically interested in. that’s what i enjoy about reading blogs, anyway – learning about new stuff, or just reading peoples thoughts on such a wide variety of things.
    forums are definately all about who is top dog, and who is in in with the in crowd. they can be VERY cliquey.

  3. congratulations!
    you have at once both proved all of my negative feelings about forums and disproved all my happy bouncy ones about friendly blog commenters. πŸ˜†

    oh, omegamale – you terrible cunt. πŸ˜‰

  4. I think Omega is the exception rather than the rule. Most blog commenters are shiny and happy. But that’s alright. Omega’s vitriol is all part of his charm. πŸ˜‰

    BTW, WP 2.0.4 is out, which should fix the slashes issue for good.

  5. I’m with you there…deviantART’s forum’s seem to be too much for me to deal with lately. I keep wanting to hunt people down and stab them for being JUST SO FUCKING STUPID.

  6. any room for being supremely intelligent and rude?
    or do you just class that as good old fashioned arrogance?


    you know i haven’t blogged for weeks, such a lazy bastard these days, i apologise to any of the blogging community here that may have been enjoying my charming evilness, i intend to kickstart it again in the next two days (after i have finished celebrating my birthday…..come on dish it out!) with the unedited version of the above post….i have such wonderful things to show you…

    as much as i enjoy this blog and a few connected to it, i must admit, there is somthing about the niceness of it all that makes my blood boil, i cant explain it, and to you guys i apologise! but grrrrr! you know? GRRRRRRRR!

    truth is i will never be happy with people on the net, even when i am gettng what i want out of them. i end up getting addicted to the people i hate most. i think i have the internet equvilant of the small child that flicks a sly “v” at a sworn enemy whilst holding his tough father’s hand.

  7. “i think i have the internet equvilant of the small child that flicks a sly “v” at a sworn enemy whilst holding his tough father’s hand.” πŸ˜†

    well, what can i say omega-the-birthday-boy, i guess we just can’t help being so nice around here, gosh darnit!

    tea and scones anyone?

    mmm, cup of tea…

  8. mmm yes tea would be lovely tha….!
    hey! stop that!
    grr grr grr!

    rape murder arson and rape!

    (“you said rape twice”……..”ah laahk rape”…….”eeeeeeecxellent!”)

    now stop it before i start naming names again and getting all edited and stuff.

  9. I sooo much enjoyed reading your original blog and all the comments. There was a time (about 10 years ago) when I was feeling very lonely and sad and I tried valiantly to find a chatroom or forum to just have a convo and I agree with all of you here, the people are long on attitude and short on brain cells. I think that’s why I like to blog because I get to say what I want because it’s MY space (literally)

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