More cunning than the cunningest creature in all of cunningdom

well, after much to-ing and fro-ing i’ve finally decided to make the switch from safari to firefox. being an apple lover i gave up on internet explorer some time ago (allthough now i genuinely believe that it’s of the three whatever side of the fence you’re on. trying to work with ie and css makes my head bleed) i’ve allways loved the aesthetics of safari – all those lovely round edges – it’s really begun to fall behind. whilst firefox is being constantly updated and steaming ahead with plugins and customisable options safari has really not moved much further forward than it was 2 years ago. plus i’m really sick of basic things like rich text editors not working at all.
so i set up with the ifox theme, imported my favourites and here i am… foxy lady.

i still miss those little round edges though.

the sumptous photography on this post by miau1


0 thoughts on “More cunning than the cunningest creature in all of cunningdom

  1. I can’t check my site in Safari but people tell me that my site doesn’t show up in Safari, I test it in Firefox and IE though. I hate how IE isn’t W3C compliant.

  2. well, i’ve just been on it and it looks just peachy to me in both 😀

    i think safari has just had an update recently – i have a firend who is a staunch safari supporter who is desperately trying to lure me back – but i’m sticking with the fox for the meantime. i’m far too excited by all the little rich text editors and i’m a plugin junkie allready thanks to wordpress….
    the IE/wc3 drives me to distraction – for such a titan to be so shoddy is just misplaced arrogance. but they’ll only suffer for it in the long run as folks shuffle off to mozilla in droves….

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