In her hips, there’s revolution


i thought you were supposed to mellow with age? well, strangely i appear to be going through a late blooming riot grrrl crush

i was a good age for those bands the first time round – i remember my friend making me a biro decorated cassette with pretty on the inside on one side and babes in toyland on the other – but for some reason it never really got me. there were certain songs i’ve allways had a soft spot for. pretend we’re dead, for example – a classic slice of pop punk, like the bangles on crack. but generally speaking i took a left turn at teenage whore and proceeded directly to the safer, more melodic waters of live through this.

perhaps it was the americanna at a time when the first sparks of britpop were catching fire.
perhaps it was the grossout factor. all that talk of tampons and buttplugs left me a little queesy.
perhaps it was the faux dumb punkness when i was trying to convince myself i was an intellectual.
perhaps i wanted to be pretty on the outside.
perhaps i was just too busy mooning over androgynous skinny-hipped boys to be worrying about the cause.

me and riot grrl were like an office romance – flirtatious at parties but never involved. once, about 8 years ago, i think i may have shouted ‘marry me’ at a lunachicks gig – but that was just the heat of the moment. i was respectul, gave the girls their dues, new their place in the rock and roll firmament – but never really moved by much of it.

but recently…

i made up some cd’s for a friend and all of a sudden rebel girl sounds like the best thing in the world and i’ve been binging on a pod diet of eostregone and punk. every swear word makes we wonder why on earth i wasn’t engaging more with this godblessed racket when i was 15, fucked up and angry. the more they scream the more i like it. as long as Iím god, Iím packin a rod.

so, not mellowing after all.

rebel girl – bikini kill

packin’ a rod – L7

heart of glass – the lunachicks


you can buy the pin badge in the picture here


0 thoughts on “In her hips, there’s revolution

  1. it’s weird, i’m aware that along side bikini kill bratmobile are meant to be the premier riot grrrl band – but i really don’t know their music. i’ll have to try and root some out.

    there are a lot of other bands i didn’t mention, particularly the british ones like huggy bear, because i never liked them at all. perhaps i should revisit just in case though.

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