fitter, happier, more productive


so i’ve been doing the old keep fit thing recently and one thing has struck me that i felt like venting a little spleen about: female only classes. now, my issue is not with having these but there is no equivelant for the boys. it strikes me as sexist in the extreme. i realise that the pervasive thinking goes along the lines of ‘all men are pigs and would only join a keep fit class to ogle womens leotard clad bottoms so girls need classes on their own to protect them from all those lustful stares’ well….

firstly, this is no doubt grossly unfair to many men

secondly, even if it is not they will be sorely dissapointed as most keep fit classes around these parts are populated by slightly overweight middle aged brittish chicks sweating it out in unflattering velour tracksuit bottoms. not sexy.

thirdly, women are not angels. you try and tell me that no girl has ever ogled her hard bodied european gym insructor in his teenie tiny lycra shorts before and i won’t believe you!

fourthly, if i was a slightly overweight middle aged brittish guy sweating it out in my unflattering tracksuit bottoms i don’t know that i would want a bunch of women watching my fragile ego colapse.

there. i’m done.

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  1. As I understood it, the women only classes were started by women who felt selfconcious infront of the opposite sex, not for any sexual reasons just because they felt more at ease infront of other women precisely because they were overweight, too thin, too insecure about their bodies and selfs in any way, rather than because they thought they were being perved on. I also think that there are no male only classes, or very few, because of 2 possible reasons, men aren’t as selfconcious as women, full stop, and second because they wouldn’t admit it even if they were, they just get on with it or don’t go, women are more proactive and do something about it like organise classes. I generalise here of course.

  2. to echo you though bubblegum, when i look at the rota for the local gym, there are tons of women only classes, not a single men only class, and i think that men are equally as self concious, however its somthing they will never admit to themselves and others, therefore voicing the desire for a men only class will never arise.
    i beleive that if there were men only classes, and they wee marketed the same way that womens ones are (ie, you know they are a given, and there would be staff telling any applicant in a reasuring voice, that there were men only classes available) they would be well used.
    unfortunately for most men, the automatic attitude is that its all for girls anyway, and the thought of going into more often than not, a female led class, with a room full of women all wanting to make an improvement would put most men off, and i’d reckon mainly the men who’d benifit from it most.
    i’m at an advantage as i dont really care about gender specifics (and tend to defy most of those rules in my daily life anyway, but am reminded of just how self concious and fickle most men can be, when i can get called a poof by asking a guy to join me at a mixed sex pilates class (in which, i think other than one very elderly man, i am the only male) my friend would rather just do the solitary man thing and work out, maintaining his masculine pride.

    if there were advertised male classes, he’d be there.
    i reckon, all in all, the timetables dedicated to women only classes should be split equaly with men, and the rest just mixed sex. at the end of the day, everybody is going for the same reason, and….ach i dunno, its like everything is ……i think they should abolish gay nightclubs too! but thats more about the beleif that your music taste is also genetic and you come out of the womb loving abba.

    the whole wide world is a great big onion.

    nah… its not… make everyone do their excersises in the street naked
    that will shut everyone up.

  3. b&b and om:

    the ‘perving’ thing – i was partly being flip but it’s also something that you do hear a lot. i can’t think how many film/tv gag’s ive seen around that sort of idea. i do agree with you (b&b) about female only classes being initiated due to women being self consious but i think it’s incorrect to assume that men aren’t. i think many men are and certainly i have had male friends who have battled with weight/body image issues. i think it is more that men are not supposed to be self conscious. i’m kind of with susan faludi on this one. contemporary men are caught between a rock and a hard place – there is an increasing pressure to look good but not to achieve it in the same way as women. that thay should somehow get there through pure machismo (tyler durden: “self improvement is masturbation”) the full monty , for example, was essentially an hour and a half joke on this subtext.

  4. I believe that there should be separate classes (or a separate planet even) for anyone that actually wears velour tracksuit bottoms.

    I’ll bet you have missed my input.

  5. i have, callisto. so very much. tet hem.

    i … may

    have a velour tracksuit. possibly. it might be turquoise. perhaps. it may be just a little chavtastic. but cute. or something.

    *slinks off shamefacedly*

  6. Oh dear, first the ugh boots and now the velour tracky dacks! Please, please, never, ever, wear them together (hehehehe).

    Now that I have been so very insulting, and to such a gracious host – can you ever forgive me?

    *smacks own bum*

    I’m off to Joe’s.

  7. 😆

    yup i forgot i’d told you about the ugh boots. the shame of it.

    i realise that after all this time you still haven’t seen a proper photo of me – so here you go – that should put to rest any fears about my taste in clothing. i think it’s a particularly pretty snap of me, so i don’t mind posting it here…

    you do know i’m joking right?

    but not about the trackie and the ugh’s, sadly.

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