I miss you more then Michael Bay missed the mark when he made Pearl Harbor

Halfway down the stairs is a stair where Bob used to sit.
There isn’t any other stair quite like it.
It’s not at the bottom, It’s not at the top.
This is the stair where Bob used to stop.

Halfway down the stairs isn’t up and isn’t down.
It isn’t in the first aid box, it isn’t on the ground.
And all sorts of funny thoughts run round my head.
Perhaps he’s gone to join the other plasters in boots instead.

Halfway down the stairs is a stair where Bob used to sit.
There isn’t any other stair quite like it.
It’s not at the bottom, It’s not at the top.
So this is the stair where no longer is Bob.

he’s gone. i feel so lonely.

on a plus point – at least my stairs have been cleaned for the first time in 6 months…

Heaven in ‘77

yestarday i watched a compilation dvd of marc bolan‘s performances on the marc show and good lord it really was the ultimate thin line between ridiculous and genius. pans people style dance troups, neon lights, bizarre sets and so much lurid coloured polyester that i’m amazed the building didn’t spontaeneously combust. and marc. gorgeous pixie marc. probably the campest man to have ever worn glitter hairspray.

there is this one simply astonishing piece of footage of him running through the woods in a little house on the prarie style wearing a leopard print cat suit to the song ‘celebrate summer’. in case you don’t know it the chorus contains the imortal lyric “summer’s not a bummer”


sadly i couldn’t find that clip for your viewing pleasure but this equally tack-ridden version of i love to boogie (with aforementioned catsuit) should suffice.

see the full illustration from this post here

You lot, all you do is eat chips, go to bed and watch telly. While all the time underneath you there’s a war going on.

this weekend i visited the best chippie in the world – and i found it in, of all places falkirk. it’s called benny t’s and according to their website blurb everything is:

sourced on a daily basis from some of the finest, fresh food and produce markets and suppliers (and) we actively support the scottish fishing industry by sourcing all our fish from scottish waters

well, it certainly tastes like it! the fish was yummy and tasted like real fish and the chips didn’t leave any of the usual greasy after-chippie-taste in the mouth. allthough i just went for bog standard fish supper they also have a rather impressive menu including lemon sole and calamari. the prices are surprisingly reasonable too.

plus, from an aesthetic point of view, it was easilly the nicest chip shop i’ve ever been in. very clean, modern and well branded with a slightly retro 50’s feel to the signage. plus everthing came in these ace little cardboard boxes.


The Internet: Transforming Society and Shaping the Future Through Chat

today, after visiting a courtney forum that i am an occasional reader of i found myself writing a huge ranty post about it and how much it winds me up. on re-reading i pulled it from the main page but you can read it here if you want. the reason i pushed it off the main page is that i realised, on reflection, that whilst i stand by my comments in that post i could in fact level much of it at most forums i have joined. one of the things that has surprised me about the ‘blogosphere’ is how courteous it is in general and having spent a lot of time in the past in the playground-like atmosphere of forums and message boards it was a very pleasant discovery.
they are such squabbleboxes and seem to bring out the worst in human nature. there are, of course a few worthy and notable exceptions but in general it is a painful experience. and it’s irrispective of the subject. brett anderson: smart man, nice site, stupid fucking forum. just full of people trying to out-fan, out-bitch and generally out-freak each other.

it’s a shame because i want to take part. really, i do. i keep joining them, posting, getting tense and angry, shouting at the screen and then never going back until six months later when i’ve forgotten all about it. and it’s just the same again.

gah. i like it around these parts much more.

I made myself platinum, but I was born a dirty blonde

it looks suspiciously like courtney’s book is going to be put back. the original uk publishing date was the 20th of october – i was planning it as a birthday present to myself, but it looks like it might be closer to chritmas now goddamit. amazon.com are showing october 31st and amazon.co.uk have no date – but are showing the leaked cover art as confirmed – but my ‘inside sources’ (o.k someone in a bookshop) told me that the uk publishing date is now showing as 11th of november. aaaagh.

i literaly cannot wait that long! between this and potter i am going to explode with antici…pation.


More cunning than the cunningest creature in all of cunningdom

well, after much to-ing and fro-ing i’ve finally decided to make the switch from safari to firefox. being an apple lover i gave up on internet explorer some time ago (allthough now i genuinely believe that it’s of the three whatever side of the fence you’re on. trying to work with ie and css makes my head bleed) i’ve allways loved the aesthetics of safari – all those lovely round edges – it’s really begun to fall behind. whilst firefox is being constantly updated and steaming ahead with plugins and customisable options safari has really not moved much further forward than it was 2 years ago. plus i’m really sick of basic things like rich text editors not working at all.
so i set up with the ifox theme, imported my favourites and here i am… foxy lady.

i still miss those little round edges though.

the sumptous photography on this post by miau1