Beware the savage pearl


an iteresting item popped up on the daniel pearl’s editor’s blog this week concerning interaction between the bbc and the ‘blogosphere’. amongst other things he raised the issue of (percieved) prviacy and anonymity in blogging:

“…often people who write blogs, or contribute to them, somehow think that they are involved in a private forum.
I recently came across a comment claiming Jeremy disliked recording his weekly podcast. I posted a response and the blogger seemed appalled – “the BBC’s watching us – spooky” was his reply. But if you write something about us on the internet surely I have every right to read it and respond – that’s not spooky.
I had to confront this the other day. We often have students with us on work experience. Twice in the last 6 months I’ve come across blogs in which people trailing the programme have written things about the team. When I approached one of these people, her reponse was that the blog was supposed to be just for her and her friends!
It wasn’t the confidentiality issue that bugged me, but that anyone would think that we as programme makers don’t have as much right as everyone else to read what you’re all writing, especially if you are writing about us.”

once i started to read the comments i was astounded to discover how many people actually do believe that their blogs are or should be private. i posted this (rather legnthy!) comment in response.

0 thoughts on “Beware the savage pearl

  1. Holy crap, isn’t that the whole point, aren’t we bloggers a bunch of people with something to say, to get off our chests, show-off, a point to prove, a position to push, or a product to sell?

    Don’t like being noticed? Then write your secrets in letters, or in a diary, you know paper ones. Or like you you said in your comment MS (great comment btw) password protect.

    I agree, it is important that mainstream media takes notice of the blogosphere, they can’t afford not too, where better to source such a diverse array of opinion, ideas and predict trends.

  2. I KNOW!!!!

    i’m glad you liked my comment, thank you – i did rather ramble on…. i just think that to complain about the bbc reading your blog is one of the bizzarist things i’ve ever heard.

    people are so fucking dumb.

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