I don’t pretend to be captain weird. I just do what I do


went to see pirates of the carribean – dead mans chest last night. i had heard mixed things about it and my feelings on it are similarly mixed.

plus points:
the make-up, cgi, costume and sets were fantastic. it was really hard a lot of the time to see where the cg finished and the make-up began which is exactly the way it should be.

the action was superb. the set pieces were extremely well coreographed and perfectly executed. the ‘big wheel’ in particular was brilliant

naomie harris, who was the biggest scene stealer of the film. i couldn’t take my eyes off her.

johnny depp.

minus points:
the plot was a strange combination of overly complex and non-existent. sort of like old star trek episodes. lots of plot exposition that even the characters don’t really seem to care about.

not as funny as it should be.

too much keira ‘put your best rp forward’ knightly.

not enough johnny depp..

so, all in all more worth seeing than not. 3.5 out of five and still looking forward to the next one.

(image of francesca dani by Labrys Media Photolab©)


0 thoughts on “I don’t pretend to be captain weird. I just do what I do

  1. yeah, any good film in part of a series (star wars repectfully excluded)
    should be able to stand on its own, even with a cliffhanger ending, obviously we all know that pirates, has at least another on the way, but it shouldn’t be in your thoughts all the way thru the film.

    the worst case of this i ever felt, was, x-men 2, i hadn’t even seen the first one, i just went to the cinema that night, in the mood for some pap, sfx and explosions etc. i wont even get into how offended i was at nearly every frame of film in that one, utter shit in my humble opinion (who am i kidding? my opinions are never humble!)
    but the whole film was like an extended trailer for the 3rd film,
    much like the first lord of the rings film, which i might add managed to put me off watchng the other two, just elves collecting elves was all i got out of it.

    anyway, as per usual , i am rambling and being miserable on someone elses blog.

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