Finger lickin’ good


woo hooo – got my juliette and the licks tickets today for the glasgow ABC in october. soooo excited allready. wibble.

got love to kill :


and a little visual licks-fest for you:


0 thoughts on “Finger lickin’ good

  1. Those horns must surely be plastic. A guy I know is involved a little in the biker subculture. He found this shop that had a massive viking-style helmet that looked a lot like that one. No one ever bought that helmet because it was completely unwearable. It weighed about 40 pounds, so anything longer than a minute or two of wear would’ve probably caused neck damage.

  2. saw her at the edinburgh festival last year, first time i had pogo’d in at least 10 years, she finished the set with “search and destroy” by the stooges, done an honest to god heartfelt stage dive and crowd surfed to the back then back on stage again, and yes my hands may have touched her posterier, i haven’t washed them since.

    mmmm juliette bum.

  3. j: yeah, i reckon the horns are plastic – i seem to recall her tossing them merrily to the side halfway through the set (she had them on when i saw them live last year)

    c: hot?? just a bit! molten lava i reckon!!

    o: i merely touched juliette thigh – but hey good enough for me!

    i think people wanted to hate them (the old actor-turned musician thing) but they’ve been almost universally well recieved. they’re not re-inventing the wheel or anything but it is good hard, honest to god rock. and they are one of the best live bands i’ve ever seen – she’s an amazing frontwoman. and very bendy!

    oooh, i’m all excited again now…

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