Daddy cool


for this post i would like to hand over to my mud-splashed father for a review of this weekend’s t-in-the park since he is a ritual attendee and i went once in 1995, saw the manics, got rained on and came home safe in the knowledge that i am a complete pussy and can’t cope with ‘festival living’:

“Returned, more or less in one piece, from T in the P 2006. Need new legs and ankles.
Had a great time – we met up with some friends and camped with their group – about 10 tents and fourteen people in our wagon circle. I heard that the third largest city in Scotland after Glasgow and Edinburgh was the T in the P camp site – mind bending!

Saturday was slightly damp (verbal shortcut for fucking wet) but not our spirits. The arena just gets bigger and bigger every year. Soon I’ll need a golf buggy to get from one end to the other. Visited every stage and tent (except two – Slam Tent is out! and we didn’t have time to do the Ceilidh Tent on Saturday.) Some of the T Break bands seemed pretty good – looking forward to our night at The Liquid Room. Chilli Peppers were great – but so was every other band. Because of the rain the camp site was quite subdued on Sat. night. Got some sleep.

Sunday – we spent quite a bit of time at the NME/Radio 1 stage, which is now really as big as the Main Stage used to be. We made a point of going to the Ceilidh Tent (to support our indigenous culture) but nothing was happening – you would think they could fill the bill for two full days. Arctic Monkeys were good, and I like Franz Ferdinand!, Strokes were – well just the Strokes.

Huge gap before The Who came on, but really worth the wait. Pete Townsend did most of the vocals in the first half, including a great medley of big hits. Was this to save the Daltrey’s voice? In the second half Roger Daltrey was brilliant – what a performance from a guy who is 62 years old! The fireworks were suitably impressive after the last encore.

Sunday night in the camp site was wild. I am going to send Geoff Ellis a stiff memo about curbing the antics of these festival goers who are up all night partying! Monday morning was the usual scene of devastation – and that was just me. As we were walking out of the campsite the scavenging weegies were arriving to nick whatever is left – hopefully Irn Bru bottles full of piss.

I think I also entered a competition to win a pair of pet albatrosses, or something.

Ah well ……………. 363 days to go to T in the Park. Tickets are on sale tomorrow morning!”

edit: according to this article “35,000 passes went on sale at 0900 BST (today) and were snapped up in 70 minutes” wow


arctic monkeys? jesus, i feel so uncool. here i am listening to boney m. honestly, i’m one step away from saffy in abfab.


0 thoughts on “Daddy cool

  1. Your dad rocks.

    This is the first year since 2000 that I didn’t go to T (been 5 years running since 2001) and I did miss it just a little bit…

    Ach well, next year maybe…


  2. well you know, that’s also enviable. there are so many great singers/bands that were performing before i was born that i’ll never get to see live.

    my mum & dad’s next door neighbour met marc bolan (when they were still tyrannasourus rex) and it makes me green with envy every time i think about it…

  3. Yay! TITP was fab-tastic! Didn’t see your dad there. Me and Vicki had a great time- you’ve got to look out larrikin love and men women and children – they were amazing. Also did our plankton dancin to the charlatans and kasabian- both amazing too! Lots of other fab bands too- franz, the proclaimers(!), kooks, strokes, maximo park etc etc
    Love it! Can’t wait till next year!!!

  4. well hello there missy! glad you both had such a jolly time – i hope you took lots of photos? plankton dance – 😆 the next door neighbour of the shoegazer shuffle?
    maybe i’ll go next year.

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