I’ll explain, you’re my Lois Lane


i’m not sure exactly what posessed me (allthough i’m planning on blaming reading this review of superman returns) but i spent this evening watching the lipstick-lesbian-meets-porkies classic that is the supergirl movie. i don’t know, it’s the biggest pile of mince in the world but here are things i couldn’t help but love about it:

1) the dumb lug that is bewitched into love with linda/supergirl. he is at least twice her age (which is just wrong, but hey things were different way back then in the ‘ol 1980’s) and reminds me so much of the guy in the airplane movies that i can’t take a single word he says seriously.
2) the scene where peter o’toole is wasted on the green squirty stuff. is it contractual for his movies or merely a last minute on set re-write born of necessity? i love that man.
3) peter cooke as the godfather-of-snape
4) the ‘wand of barundi’ (sp?) i laughed for a good minute solid.
5) the red boots. of course.

almost better than the movie itself was the bizzare google journey that it took me on before writing this post. supergirl(s), superwoman, superboy, superlad(!), and oh my god superpets

and some really disturbing hardcore superporn. (the hanabarbara stuff was worse though. by far. it may never leave me)

some super pictures i found along my way:

0 thoughts on “I’ll explain, you’re my Lois Lane

  1. I can NOT even believe anyone else in the world would admit they liked Supergirl!!! Because I have always kept that as my “embarrasing little secret”. I fell in love with Helen Slater who can also be seen in “Ruthless People” with Bette Midler. Fun stuff.

  2. you’ve got to love supergirl 😆 as a child my village had a fancy dress competition every year at the anual fette (i know, i know) and every year my best friend went as something cute but vaugely sexy – like a mermaid, or a belly dancer, or a flamenco girl. her ‘piece de resistance’ was supergirl when she was about 8.


    oh, i was a giant caterpillar.

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