HEY l@@K kewl fotos of yr fave *’s HERE


excuse me whilst i rant about something which is currently driving me to distraction (a sort of marilyn’s shampoo ‘give me a butterbeer‘, if you will)

fansites which obtrusively watermark images that don’t actually belong to them

virtually every fansite does it and it drives me nuts. yes, i know you have taken the time and effort to put the site together. yes, i know you have collated and, occasionally, scanned those images but unless they are your creative property you really have no right to be sticking your big ugly lucida handwriting/comic sans fonts all over the top of them. and when you demand that users not steal/repost/de-watermark them i start to get steam hissing out of my ears like an old daffy duck cartoon. where may i ask did you get the images from in the first place? websites and magazines that didn’t stick dirty great watermarks over them? hmm? yup, thought so.

for sites that often boast their galleries as their centerpiece they show an apalling lack of respect to both the original artists and the images themselves. if i go to a photographers website and they have watermarked their own work then of course i understand they are protecting their property (though personally i can’t bear to watermark my own work, foolish as it may be) but please do not whack your url over someone elses art just because you were smart enough to figure out how to insert an image on front page.


apologies to milton greene for defacing the beautiful marilyn picture above.

0 thoughts on “HEY l@@K kewl fotos of yr fave *’s HERE

  1. dont start me on regular web occurances that piss me off,
    you know, you guys have got me thinking about finaly starting a blogger account now, you have put me in the mood to stop trying to write a nice music blog and just start gunning everyone down on a daily basis.

    i hate everything……gen up…..nae coabs.

  2. well, i think you should open a blogger account because mspace is complete shit and full of exactly the kind of people who use comic sans and lucida handwriting but i’m not sure i should endorce you going off to reek havoc and rewengie on the world wide web…

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