Eddie, put a doily on the telly or something for Christ’s sake!


Queen Liz had a huge children’s tea party for her 80th birthday which along with being jolly nice in a suitably english cucumber sandwiches and jam scones kind of a way also afforded us our first look at the Potter kids (i use that last word increasingly loosley) since goblet of fire. they filmed a short skit (introduced by hedwig and harry hill!) which appears to have been filmed during filming of order of the phoenix. allthough it didn’t really give us any epic phoenix related information there were certainly a few aesthetic titbits to be had most notably about the common room set, the robes and… their hair. to my chagrin the boys have been shorn again – i think i was one of the only three people in the world who liked that floppy 70’s raggamuffin look they all had in goblet (especialy on rupert grint who is ,disturbingly, turning out to be far more atractive than dan radcliff as they get older. not that i was looking or anything.) but no, the nice public school boy crops are back. bah.
don’t mock me for this post – these things are important in the middle of a potter drought.

you can see/download the video clip here and also jo’s interview with richard and judy over here (did i mention how much i love richard madeley? (please visit that link, it’s worth it) i love him. my favourite richard madley anecdote ever: (even better than the time he talked about his son having had a ‘bent’ penis as a child or discussing judy’s ‘vaginal dryness’ at 10am in the morning) a friend told me he saw an episode where they had a phone in (it’s allways the phone in’s) and this guy said he had been abducted by aliens. richard’s first question? his initial journalistic stab into the world of the paranormal?
“did they have breasts?”
i love that man. and he’s going to be on the new series of extras. can’t wait.)

oh, o.k. mock me for this post. go on, i deserve it.

some pics of marm’s party:

0 thoughts on “Eddie, put a doily on the telly or something for Christ’s sake!

  1. Yup. 2.0.3 uses a “nonce” system for verifying admin actions, rather than 2.0.2’s HTTP_REFER headers. The problem is how text is passed through the nonce. (Don’t feel bad… I don’t really understand it either.)

    There’s a plugin that will fix the escaped text problem until 2.0.4 is released. WordPress 2.0.3 Tuneup

  2. Yup. It’s really called a nonce. However, they mean ‘for a single occasion or purpose,’ not ‘a slang word used to refer to a sex offender.’

    I talked about the 2.0.3 upgrade here. Owen at Asymptomatic (one of the lead WP developers) explained nonces here.

  3. By the way, the plugin won’t fix the existing escaped characters. You’ll have to change that on your own. But the plugin will prevent it from happening in the future.

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