When I asked the panel whether people were talking about blogging, they thought I meant dogging


i just read this post on wordpress vs myspace and i have to say i agree with so much of it. i resisted opening any sort of myspace account until very recently but finally succumed for ‘promotional’ reasons. it’s true there is a lot of exposure to be had on myspace but it allways makes me feel sort of dirty. and not in a good way.
firstly it makes my head hurt – there is just so much going on – it reminds me of those hideous satalite music chanels that have text message boxes and ring tone adverts on them and the music videos crammed into a tiny wee box in the top left of the screen.
and the pulling. oh god, it’s like one big ‘hope-i-get-a-shag’ fest.
it all makes me feel a bit ill.
also it’s so hard to make pretty – i mean, sure, you can customise it – but only so far. like covering your school books. they’re still school books – just with matt goss on top.
and the rss support is shocking. and i’m now obssessed with rss.
and and and…

i realise it is an easy way to get online if you’re not computer handy but there are so many better ways. when i first started a blog i was with blogger and allthough ive now moved over to wordpress which i love to bits (the plugins, ah the plugins) i still have a real respect for blogger. for what it is it’s a really easy slick way of getting out there and beats the shit out of myspace.

i realise the main attraction is the ‘comunity’ aspect but ah, i don’t know, it just always feels like a whole bunch of people with nothing much to say. and their tits out.

maybe i’m being overly harsh – but yay for wordpress all the same!


9 thoughts on “When I asked the panel whether people were talking about blogging, they thought I meant dogging

  1. Blogger is good for folks like me, simple, customisable enough. BUT what you have done here with WordPress is fantastic. MySpace is just plain strange. I opened a MySpace account recently and keep getting strange emails from strange people looking for friends. I love your description of it.

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