To be free, one must give up a little part of oneself


well, there have been a few changes around marilyn’s shampoo’s parts (ooh er…)

i’ve just finished updating my website to utilise rss feeds from this bog (ive become a bit obsessed with the handy little blighters!) and so i’ve shoogled things around on here a little too. firstly i will no longer be posting my art and web design work in the main stream as i had never intended this blog to be for work, it just started getting that way because i was enjoying being able to post new work so easily (unlike the previous design of my website) HOWEVER there are now catagories for digital art, traditional art, web design and earlybird (work) news in the sidebar so that anyone who wants to look at my stuff – either current or archive – can still see it there. i may post update announcements from time to time if there is something i’m particularly happy with or whatever. i’m doing this with the help of a rather nifty wordpress category visibility plug-in by rich hamilton – allthough it did throw out my drop down menu which i was rather fond of…
i’m still working on trying to get rss feeds into a flash version of my site but i’ve just started a new job so it may be a couple of months before i can come back to that.
i’ll keep you posted.
as it were.


0 thoughts on “To be free, one must give up a little part of oneself

  1. Plugins are the bee’s knees. I’m just beginning to learn to write my own. Specifically, I want to retool widgets to recreate my sidebar exactly the way I want it, rather than creating a homogenized vanilla version.

    There are other things I want to tool around with, too. I just need to learn how.

  2. they are great. it’s so much fun just being able to add stuff in so easily and take them off again if you want. i’d love to learn to write my own but i’m not quite at that stage yet! ; )

    i’ll be interested to see yours, as it were…

  3. After fumbling around a bit, I realized I probably need to learn how to write a standard plugin before I move on to widgets. So far I’ve learned how to swap text in a variety of fields. I’m moving toward a plugin that will automatically create text for the comment author field in any anonymous comment.

    I’m right on the edge of it, but it’s throwing me off trying to figure out how to properly parse an empty text value.

  4. Eventually, yes. Right now choosing your own text would require you to modify the plugin. But it’s such a simple plugin, most people should be able to do that, especially with WP’s built-in plugin editor.

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