Because i can can can


i watched moulin rouge again last night… i love that film so much. it’s such a full-on, opulant masterpiece. nicole kidman is just gorgeous in it – classic high end, old school hollywood glamour. it looks, sounds and plays so great that i can even ignore ewan mcgregor’s rather ropey singing. and as for the cover of ‘diamonds are a girls best friend’ spliced with ‘material girl’ – well, you can imagine how much that floats my boat…

0 thoughts on “Because i can can can

  1. lesser of two evils i suppose. to be fair i’ve never heard any of his music but the photos ive seen of him sort of make me itch. he’s got that whole mtv clean-grunge thing going on. but yeah tom cruise… what a cock. weirdly i really like him on screen and will conciously think ‘oh good, tom cruise is in it’ but oh my god, i couldn’t be in a room with him for more than ten minutes without wanting to stab him.

    and don’t even start me on katie holmes. shudder.

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