I’m back


woo hoo! after a nerve wracking 48 hours of blogless blank nothing where marilyn’s shampoo should be all is well again and i can finally exhale.

thanks as allways to joefish for bailing me out AGAIN


0 thoughts on “I’m back

  1. I didn’t really do much, but you’re welcome! I only wish our time zones weren’t such an impediment to timely responses. We probably could’ve fixed this in half the time if one of us wasn’t always sleeping. 🙂

    What was the problem anyway?

  2. if it hadn’t been for you i would have probably still been aimlessly pressing ‘refresh’ every five minutes in the vain hope it would appear again whilst searching forums with keywords like

    ‘wordpress’ ‘blog’ ‘fucked’ and ‘help’

    i still don’t really know what had happened but when i re-installed wordpress it did the trick. all i had to do was reselest my theme and hey-presto everything as it was….

    touch wood, fingers crossed etc. etc.

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