A satisfied customer. We should have him stuffed


first dave now john.
john cleese has announced he is retiring from performance saying he feels he will never be able to top fawlty towers. this is certainly possible of course, but it’s still a shame to think there will be no more new cleese. and i’m assuming no more nearly headless nick?
he also had a pop at the standard of current sitcoms whilst praising eddie izzard and ricky gervais as recent comedians he has rated.
he’s a grumpy old soul but i say ‘god bless the gangly one with a fear of chartered accountancy’

image by nick


0 thoughts on “A satisfied customer. We should have him stuffed

  1. Fawlty Towers is currently being replayed here on Sunday afternoons. Fuck it’s funny. My son has picked up on the humour, when my daughter hit her head, he picked up some fluff off the ground and asked her if it was a piece of her brain.

    Love that pic.

  2. lol

    i LOVE fawlty towers sooo much. when i was writing this i ended up reading a page of quotes and just giggling out loud like a loon all the way through them. my favourite basilism ever has to be ‘cloth eared bint’ – just can’t be beaten.

    the picture’s great isn’t? i’ve got a bit of a thing for all that stencil art, but you can’t really argue with ministry of silly walks graffiti whatever your proclevities…

  3. you know that’s weird – i don’t have spam or moderation filters set up, just the email adress thingy, but i had a bit of trouble sending my last comment too. everything seems o.k nowk but it looks like it freaked out a bit for a while…
    i think its gone forever – what did you say?

  4. (cry)

    That was the world’s greatest comment. I was witty, I was brilliant. Simply reading this comment would cause one to swoon. You would surely have been overwhelmed with desire, respect and admiration.


  5. Alright, alright. None of that is true. Well, maybe, but it wasn’t that good a comment.

    I merely pointed out that after taking over the role of Q for Die Another Day, Cleese is not listed in IMDb’s credits for Casino Royale. But then I noticed that Alessandra Ambrosio is in the credits and suddenly I felt much better about everything.

  6. don’t cry! it was just as swooningly witty and incisive the second time round – honest!

    i’m really looking forward to casino royale actually. i think its going to be good…

    but then thought american dreamz looked o.k….

    now i might cry.

  7. My passion for Bond has dimmed a bit in recent years, but I’m absolutely going to go see Casino Royale, if for no other reason than to annoy all the “purists” who say Daniel Craig isn’t pretty enough.

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