ride that black horse, baby


after reading this post (and subsequently leaving an overly large comment!) i felt compelled to post a courtney tune here too. i toyed with many great tracks both solo and with hole (sunset strip being one of the greatest contenders – a fantastic hooky pop rock classic really worth a listen) but decided not to settle for the ‘easy’ option. so here is ‘life despite god’ from ‘america’s sweetheart’ – a raw, uncompromising, bluesey bloodlet of a song that i think is possibly her most acomplished work to date. janis + dylan + hole = life despite god. pour a drink, turn the lights down and give it a whirl…


0 thoughts on “ride that black horse, baby

  1. Gold Dust Woman is so perfect for her. This is probably one of the most fitting cover songs ever. But my personal favorite is still Celebrity Skin.

  2. i just love the whole fucking lot. gold dust woman is a great cover. she’s done have a few crackers – have you heard hole do ‘season of the witch’ or …. ! ….. ‘hungry like a wolf’ ??

    celebrity skin is awsome. courtney has written many great lyrics but i do particularly love:

    “I’m all I want to be

    A walking study

    In demonology ”

    from celebrity skin. have you seen the video? it’s fab too.

    i think i’m going to have to go and have a bit of an internet courtney-fest now….

  3. I have not seen the video. Over maybe the past ten years, I’ve seen maybe half a dozen videos. I’ve no MTV or VH1 or any of that good stuff.

  4. So I was listening to some music on my PDA today. I had the playlist on random. Track 1: Hole – Celebrity Skin. Track 2: Fleetwood Mac – Gold Dust Woman.

    Strange coincidence.

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