No man is an island (except for HRH Roy Bates)


why i have never heard about this before i don’t know – but now i am completely obsessed with the utter weirdness of ‘sealand’. to quoute wikipedia:

“The Principality of Sealand is a micronation (a self-declared but unrecognised state-like entity) that claims as its territory the artificial island of Roughs Tower, a former Maunsell Sea Fort located in the North Sea 10 km (six miles) off the coast of Suffolk, England, at 5153?40?N, 128?57?E, as well as territorial waters in a twelve-nautical-mile radius. Sealand is occupied by family members and associates of Paddy Roy Bates, who styles himself as H.R.H. Prince Roy of Sealand. The population of the facility rarely exceeds five, and its inhabitable area is 550 m.”

and from the official website:

“Sealand was founded as a sovereign Principality in 1967 in international waters, six miles off the eastern shores of Britain. The island fortress is conveniently situated from 65 to 100 miles from the coasts of France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. The official language of Sealand is English and the Sealand Dollar has a fixed exchange rate of one U.S. dollar. Passports and stamps have been in circulation since 1969, however, contrary to many misleading websites and news articles, Sealand passports are not for sale, and anyone offering such are selling forgeries. Within a radius of 500 miles of Sealand live more than 200 million people who enjoy some of the highest standards of living in the world. This area also encompasses the financial, industrial and cultural heart of Europe”

talk about micronation.

they even have their own flag.

truly bizarre and yet – somehow- strangely admirable.

0 thoughts on “No man is an island (except for HRH Roy Bates)

  1. i wonder if they would appoint me as minster of interior/exterior design…..ooh the possibilities of master criminal evil lair chic make me go weak at the knees, of course in tradtion there would have to be a significant underwater extention, kitted out in monorails, sharks, and advanced weaponry. lordy lord, i may need to go for a cold shower…

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