Smokey and soaked to the bone


so, having sunk like a gangland boss in concrete shoes with my robbie post i am offering something a little ‘sweeter’ today…

while to my mind much of the music produced by belly hasn’t aged too well, now feeling rather ‘of the moment’ this b-side track stands tall. it is a gorgeous, sumptious, swoony little number that makes me think of underground forrests and sunsets and sex. it still gives me goosebumps after 13 years.

sweet ride by belly


0 thoughts on “Smokey and soaked to the bone

  1. Belly were formed by Tanya Donelly of the Throwing Muses and were Based in Newport, Rhode Island, USA. They were among that late eighties early ninetys of American indie girl bands like The Throwing Muses, Blake Babies etc.

    It really is a blast from the past to hear this. I had been listening to the Blake Babies recently and thought it sounded so dated. Funny how some things last and some date.

  2. i don’t remember blake babies at all when i googled them i discovered that’s where <“>juliana hatfield came from… i remember throwing muses though. i always associate belly with the breeders, the pixies , the juliana hatfield three, the lemonheadsand, i guess slightly later bands like smashing pumpkins and darlingheart (not american but may as well have been). the early ninieties american indie scene was really my introduction to ‘alternative’ music but it was a brief flirtation before becoming trapped in the quicksands of britpop (excepting hole who i still adore and are really more the rock/ riot grrl side of things) . you can ask me anything about crappy english nineties indie bands, even the ones i hated. even romo. that’s what too much melody maker does to a young mind…

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