Hello, good evening and welcome to the middle of the film


terry gilliam has been added to imdb as the director of half-blood prince

having previously been interested in the series he said in november “They’ve blown it. It’s dull and old hat now. It’s soiled and sullied. I’m basically a jobbing salesman. I’m not sure what my next job will be but you can safely say it won’t be a Harry Potter.” and I was the perfect guy to do Harry Potter. I remember leaving the meeting, getting in my car, and driving for about two hours along Mulholland Drive just so angry. I mean, Chris Columbus’ versions are terrible. Just dull. Pedestrian.

was this just an oldman-style bate to spur warner brothers into action?

whilst it’s still not 100% until it’s announced by wb i would be delighted if gilliam were to take this on. his take on the potterverse could be truly fantastic and i’m getting quite excited just thinking about it….


0 thoughts on “Hello, good evening and welcome to the middle of the film

  1. What about the Gilliam curse? The film either doesn’t get made/finished or it bombs. These are things to consider and if it’s the way I think then I guess wb would have pondered them too.


  2. you know that scene in “the wall” when bob geldof is found all fucked up and gets pumped full of “stuff” and frogmarched to perform by an entourage of nazis (and bob hoskins).
    if the gilliam curse strikes under warner bros belt, this is exactly what will happen.
    gilliam may endup yelling “thats a wrap” within the confines of an artistic iron lung, but i think it will still be great.

    jeepers, i am already begining to ‘brick it’ thinking of that bit in the cave. maybe columbus should come back afterall…

  3. absolutey. i don’t think there is much risk of wb allowing it to remain unfinished (more likely they would appoint another director in that case) or of being a turkey in terms of box office takings. i think it could be brilliant.

  4. I wasn’t saying it was going to be a turkey nor would it not get finished (what with it being such a high profile and profitable venture), or that Mr Gilliam is a bad director, far from it I am very very fond of alot of his work. What I was trying to convey was that poor old Mr Gilliam has had somewhat of a cursed career reacently (not to mention a reputation for being very difficult to work with) and that wb’s procrastionation could be very much based on this.

  5. i’m sure dumbledore can fire a few charms at him between takes, well maybe untill he (spoiler warning) dies, i bet by this point the whomping willow smacks fuck out of terry, one of the warner brothers execs kicks another saying “ah telt ye, ya fanny! shoudie went fur that twat schumacher”
    gilliam spends months on his fone saying “its either me or the tree”

    they pull the plug on him, the willow stays, and tim burton arrives at the last hour and directs the rest of the film , leaving no personal mark on it whatsoever, and marries hermione, but only when she has the catface on, or was that the last film?

    none of us will go to see it, we will go see the documentary about all this instead.

    and i’ll direct that, and we’ll all have cake and stuff and some juice…orange please.

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