It’s the same old show

BIGBIG_mimi_drunk fight.jpg

i don’t usually post about ‘life’ stuff but…

on saturday night i saw someone attacked on the street for no reason and it was the most frightening experience of my life. i realise these things happen all the time, but human nature being the self-absorbed beast it is you never really realise these things happen until they happen to you.

we were coming home from a pub at around 12pm. i was sober and he was as close to sober as you can get. we were crossing the road in a hugely busy part of town. no dark alleyway. no dangerous short-cut. i lagged behind as i have an almost pathalogical fear of crossing the road (i grew up in a village with a traffic level of about two cars a year) i saw him turn, realising that we had been separated – and the next thing he was hitting the deck.

when i got to him he was unconsious. eyes open. not responding. i thought he was dead.

i found myself on my knees in the street screaming for help, like a bad scene in eastenders. the next thing i knew there were three very kind strangers with me, one of whom was a nurse. he began to come around and was soon talking and moving o.k.

police came. we gave statements. paramedic came. we we went home.

the police were really good. they came quickly and after taking descriptions one of them drove around to see if he could see them – sadly without luck. they told us they would check the cct, urged us to call with any further information and gave us a lift home.

witnesses have told us that a group of guys were walking passed with take-out food and with no provokation or preamble had a pop at him. one apparntly grabbed him by the neck from behind and it appears another guy punched him in the face. he has started to remember bits and pieces of the night and could now identifiy the men, but has lost around an hour of memory of the evening after the attack.

he is o.k but we are going to hospital today to get him checked over as his jaw is extremely painful and the whole ‘head injury’ thing worries me. we are both, obviously, pretty shaken up.

i don’t want to come over all mirror-reader but it scares me how violent even the nicest cities are. he said to me the next morning that it seems as though there is a seperate ‘night-life’ law-book. he didn’t mean the police, but that things that would be extrordinary if they happened at 4pm on a thursday afternoon are so commonplace on a friday or saturday night. it’s more or less expected.

i know it’s an arrogant thing to say but it didn’t feel like my life.

photo above by mimi mollica


0 thoughts on “It’s the same old show

  1. yes, it is.

    it turns out he’s not as o.k as we thought either. he has a double fracture and a dislocation in his jaw and he has to go in today for surgery. i think we both (niavely) thought he would come home with a bottle of anti-inflamatories and the order to rest – but sadly not.

    i know it must seem bizarre that i’m sitting here at writing in this thing about it but it is strangely calming.

  2. the good news is we went to see the consultant this morning (at painful o’clock in the arse end of scotland) and it looks like he won’t need surgery afterall! the specialist thinks it is in fact muscular and has given him an outpatiant appointment for next week and he just has to try and ‘exercise’ it – whilst taking a shit load of rather mind bending painkillers…

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