I am scum. You’ve got to love your son

Robbie Williams01.jpg

ive been thinking about doing some music review type posts for a while and so this is the first. i’m going to post on songs rather than musicians in general (try here for some interesting artist based reviews) though i expect the two might overlap a little.

so without ‘further ado’ i’m going to start with ‘me and my monkey’ by robbie williams. robbie? i hear you say. yes well, everyone knows (of) him but hardly anyone seems to have heard this track – so hang on in there.

this song is a mock-heroic masterpiece and possibly the finest usage of a metaphor stretched to breaking point – it’s a metephor in dungarees and rollerblades and ‘packin’ a gun’…

i seem to recall the manics saying something once about never writing a love song and robbie has got to be close. sure sexed up, come undone, the trouble with me etc. sound like love songs but listen to any of the lyrics and suddenly its infidelity, drug abuse, screw you and self loathing…

i think of ‘me and my monkey’ as being the microcosm of robbieworld – witty, smart arsed, a bit weird and with some very dark corners.


0 thoughts on “I am scum. You’ve got to love your son

  1. what the hell is this song about ?? I just love it its my favourite robbie track but I have no idea what its about ??if anyone knows I would love to know ??

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